What is your daily search engine?

Thanks! Good to know. I’ll check back in a few days when I should be a more trustworthy person. :wink:

I recall that you work for startpage, in that case, are there any plans to make start page aviable via .onion? You can even make it a fancy one hop service which still gives the user all security and privacy goodies, while giving you better perfomance. My opinion is that having a fast v3 .onion address would be a major reason to switch to startpage.

Thanks for the input. It helps when users write to Startpage with ideas and requests. An email request is like a “vote” because it helps management gauge interest. (I pass along ideas, but they are better documented when users make the request directly.) Here’s the email address: Support@Startpage.com

I use Jive Search. It has a clean, sleek, and fast UI.
DuckDuckGo is good for images, and can be good if Jive Search is down for maininence or something. But generally, I try to stick to free/libre engines only.


I used to say “just duck it” all the time. “Look it up” is another common phrase.
Generally, people recommend the later as it is not provider specific.

That is very good, helps strengthen the network (ant-fingerprinting +blocking).

TOR is generaly very fast. I remember being told that you can tell that somebody hasn’t used TOR in a while if they claim otherwise.

However, .onion addresses added more hopes than I would have preferred.
Same with .i2p engines like Ransack.

Could just be that I’m already running a VPN and don’t always have the fastest WIFI.

Right now I use Searx as my main and DuckDuckGo as a backup in case my main engine fails me. I can’t recommend Startpage to anyone since, despite being privacy-respecting, uses only results from Google, so it cannot do anything to prevent censorship.

Use metasearch engines that aggregate results from multiple engines such as Bing, Yandex, Wikipedia, etc. Don’t rely on a search engine that gets it’s results form only one engine (such as Google or Bing).

YaCy is a good alternative to Searx which makes it even harder to censor the web. MetaGer and Ecosia only use Bing results (MetaGer also uses another search engine but it’s pretty bad and can be disabled). Jive Search is still new but has a lot of potential. SwissCows (the most private search engine that somehow didn’t meet privacytools.io criteria) would be good if it didn’t filter swear words.

Then there’s Mojeek. Actually, they updated their privacy policy recently and removed the “we track pedophiles” exception, but I still don’t trust them. SwissCows not being allowed yet Mojeek somehow being worth a mention is just laughable.

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I use duckduckgo with custom settings, I use post requests instead if get requests. I would consider using Searx, if they decided to add an exception header. To avoid the recaptcha that gives a query error.

What kind of sites did you block? Please paste the hosts file.

I personally only use searx tor services. Some instances sadly have Google as one of their search engines which causes some bugs (due to Google searx hostility) but luckily some instances use Startpage instead of Google to get results which fixes those problems, those are the only instances I use.

In general I usually use Startpage, but I try to run my own Yacy instance when I can.

Yacy can be found here:


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StartPage’s future as our recommendation seems a bit unclear, but I am not up-to-date on what has been talked about it in the last few days or if there are conclusions to either direction.

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Thanks will take a look, as I just had a specific issue related to Startpage.


Why not just say “look it up” or “search for it”?

For anyone else interested in an alternative to these main sites, check out https://infinitysearch.ai/. It is another search engine that doesn’t track its users and has a newer design and feel to it compared to the current search engines. Obviously we are promoting our own product here but go and take a look for yourself if you’re interested in something new.

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Any plans on going open source?

Yes, we are currently planning on gradually making the service open source.

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Nice, good to hear!

I still use Startpage, despite the fact they our now owned by not so privacy friendly company. Tried Qwant, but results are not so good. DDG is also fine for me

I use StartPage, Qwant and DuckDuckGo through SearX, but most of the time I see that only DuckDuckGo works.

Half year ago DDG.

Big fan of startpage, but moved to qwant after all the fuss. Discovered qwant sucks and now using ddg. Not as good as startpage, but better than qwant, but I can’t seem to be able to add it to Bromite. Any suggestions? I visited searx.me a lot but it still isn’t visible in the ‘visited earlier’ selection menu.

Edit: searx seems to be favoring ddg, even though I have other search engines selected. Is there an advantage to using ddg over search?