What is your daily search engine?

(Kyle11C) #1
  • Google
  • StartPage
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Searx
  • Qwant
  • Other

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What is your daily, go-to, search engine and why?

I’ve tried Searx but I get some odd bugs here and there. I moved to DuckDuckGo and really liked it but I would always get better search results on StartPage. Now I am using StartPage full time.

(blacklight447) #2

I use Duckduckgo, but only the .onion version.

(Graham Perrin) #3

Until yesterday:

  • Ecosia by default (because it does some good) – plus I’d often begin with Google (for better results) instead of Ecosia.


  • Startpage.com by default.
(Kyle11C) #4

Why only the .onion version? Are you mainly using the web via Tor?

(blacklight447) #5

I only use Tor browser, and use .onion whenever I can.


i use startpage.
only in some rarely case (with my native language), i check google.

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(Mikaela Suomalainen) #7

Ecosia, because I am more worried about the climate change than their Tor hostility.


Mainly use searx, but for images I use ddg

(Jose A: Leon) #9

Searx and Qwant. And sometimes DuckDuckGo if the search with the other search engines don´t give many results.



Love the !bangs and privacy features.

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I pretty much switch all the time between DuckDuckGo, Searx and Startpage.

(TyBo) #12

SearX ! Very usefull.
No vote for Qwant ahah. Sad



(because I’m an amoral american! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Duckduckgo. I was using startpage but it loads way slower than ddg.

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@Mikaela Instead of selling your info “for good” you should rather donate to a climate change cause. Because instead of some pseudo make you happy website claiming they plant trees for you. You should rather actually give some real money directly to a cause of your choice instead and then use an accual respecting search engine like searx or ddg.

(Mikaela Suomalainen) #16

Donate what?

What real money?

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I use StartPage as my default engine, but I often find myself switching back to Google (especially for more niche or technical searches). Around 30% of my searches are still via Google.


Startpage as a default one, sometimes DDG.

Does anyone now how to disable “Anonymous View” option on Startpage? Is it possible at all? I blocked some sites at my parents PC via hosts file, but they found out they can access those via SP proxy :smiley: So I either have to disable it, or make some other search engine default one


I love everything about this post!

Sad I can’t help though. Might need a custom searx?

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I also use duckduckgo’s .onion . I almost exclusively use Tor (with the exception of doing online banking because I’ve been locked out of my bank accounts before).