What is the smartphone's encrypted memo app?

I use notes offline on my smartphone, but I want them to be encrypted. I tried Standard Notes, but that app can’t be encrypted unless I go online. I want to use offline and open source! Do you have any good apps? (If you can use iPhone and Android, please let us know both. Either one is fine.)

Privacy Tools IO is full of useful resources, unfortunately they are not obvious to find.

Instead of machine-gunning the forum with standard questions that have been answered many times before, I encourage you to visit first the master site here : https://www.privacytools.io, where you will find a trove of information.

For instance, there is a page with recommended note-taking apps : https://www.privacytools.io/software/notebooks

One you have read up on your subject, you can ask more specific questions here.

Regarding your present question, this is a non-issue : your Android phone is already fully encrypted, so there is no need for additional, local encryption by an app.

At least, it should be : do check in your Android settings that encryption is activated. And make sure that you have a strong password / PIN to open your phone.

The common complaint about Standard Notes (praised by many) is not this one : it’s that the free version is quite minimal, while the paid-for version is subscription-only, and very expensive (10 $ a month, 50 $ a year).

Edit, paging the mods : It’s very difficult to find the link from the forum to the master site, and vice-versa.

From the main site, there are links in index and in the title bar under services and many software also have discussion threads here (but not notes for some reason?), from the forum, I guess there is an assumption that everyone knows it already. Do you have suggestions on how to make the connection?

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From the forum

I thought I knew how to get to the main site. However, I failed. Why ? Because the two conventional ways to go to the home page did not work.

Clicking on the top left logo PrivacyTools.io… does not bring to www.privacytools.io. It cycles back to the forum.

And clicking on the hamburger menu, top right, did not display any link to the forum, either.

It’s only after a while that I discovered that you need to clink on the privacytools.io link, in the middle of the top text, to go the home page / main site. And that’s the third link.

The problem is made worse by the fact that two similar interface elements, that both say PrivacyTools.io, link to different pages : the top logo, and the link in the middle of the text.

From the main site

You need to click on the Services link on top of the page, then on Discourse - Forum. Services does not mean anything. Discourse does not mean anything. I don’t know what Discourse is. I know what a forum is.

Or, you can click on Participate, which is slightly more evocative of the concept. Although Community would be more obvious (if not directly Forum).

However, there’s no drop-down menu there, with a Forum link. You need to open a new page, and then, you need to guess that the forum is under the Discourse and Reddit title.

Again, I don’t know what Discourse is, and I don’t know what Reddit is. And the page does not tell me, because it says : “Website : Discourse”. It does not say Forum.

Try Safe Notes - ‘‘Secure ad-free notepad’’ by Protectedtext.com

Joplin has local encryption and doesn’t need to be online.