What is the recommended software to speed up WiFi, CPU, RAM, SSD?

I want to know the speed of WiFi, CPU, RAM, SSD that I use. I want to tell you the recommended sites, services and software. I know there are things that can speed up such as fast.com and speed.net, but they are credible
So I want something that can be done exactly. If possible, it’s better to respect open source and security, such as not storing records or cookies.

Your net i already made little website that calc your net speed (not 100% right but near from right): https://esmailelbobdev2.github.io/What-Is-My-IP-Address/
Your SSD i remember there was application but not sure if it’s open source or not: https://sourceforge.net/projects/filereadtest/ (it give you how much it write/read beside test actual size of your partition, ik its not the thing you want but near from it)
CPU/RAM: never heard of app that can calc those

Measuring the average download and upload rate of a network is only small part of determining network quality. It also depends where you placed your Router and Modem (or a 2-in-1 as in both functioning as a modem and router). Then there is the materiel in which your walls consist of, the traffic flowing through.

The best way to speed up your CPU is changing your clock speed, but that comes with the risk of overheating, unless you have proper cooling. With RAM its best to set up with dual-channel memory. With your SSD, perform a trim at least once a month. I don’t recommend software to “speed” things up, as the software offered is usually snake oil.

I think you should just buy faster (and more expensive hardware). Just know that there are diminishing returns. It is usually hard to saturate WiFi (unless you are doing a local network transfer). You need to upgrade your internet and there is not way around it.

Generally, the more expensive the consumer grade CPU is, the faster is the hardware. You could overclock but that takes practice and technical know-how covered in other parts of the internet, particular in the enthusiast communities (Linus Tech Tips, Gamers Nexus, et al.).

RAM is a different beast altogether, but also covered in the enthusiast community as well. Generally CPU performance improves with RAM up to a certain point, particularly in Ryzen builds. If you can get 2x the infinity fabric speed of the CPU, you will have reached reasonable maximum performance (usually the RAMs rated as 3600MHz to 3800 MHz). The rest is tweaking RAM timings and such.

SSD is… just get an M.2 NVME SSD. Usually the Samsung brand gives a good speed. Do your research.