What is the list of ads and analytics site domains that should be blocked?

I want to block ads and analytics that follow or track Google and Facebook. I want a list of sites to block for that, so please let me know the domain and so on! !
As above.

There you go : https://filterlists.com
Here´s a website compiling a huge list of available blocklists.
I let you have fun with all of theses.

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If you use Pi-hole, I can recommend this list:


It’s designed to be relatively comprehensive, but with minimal false positives. The creator is also very responsive to false positive reports (there is a dedicated thread on the pi-hole reddit for this filter list).

NextDNS’s filter lists are listed in their repository. Very helpful when combined with Pi-hole.

The same question was asked and answered on Reddit. Obviously, @pinp (who mostly never replies) is this Reddit user and posts his questions on Reddit and here simultaneously.


I think those lists are just going to grow and you will want Privacy Badger instead, while it won’t block non-tracking ads, there aren’t that many of those and you can always use it together with something else if you wish.