What is the difference between end-to-end and peer-to-peer encryption?

I’m focusing on encryption when choosing a messenger or other application. So there are end-to-end and peer-to-peer encryption respectively, which is more secure? In terms of privacy and security.

Those sound like the same thing.

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They are in theoretical terms, since an endpoint is a system that you use. A peer is a system that is connected to another system.

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if iam right, peer to peer means just you & other user whos u talking with (no servers in between) but end to end encryption means the message encrypted & no one can see it except user & you (with server in between)


I agree!
With peer-to-peer, the two devices have to be online at the same time, that makes the communication sometimes a bit difficult (like with syncthing), but your data isn’t lying around anywhere it doesn’t need to be!
With end-to-end you can sync to a server and turn off the device and the other device will pull the information at it comes online. the thing is that the data will be stored on a server where only the encryption is securing your data, so make sure that you use a strong encryption.

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