What is the best Firefox Alternative?

  • Waterfox
  • Pale Moon
  • Basilisk
  • GNU IceCat
  • Librewolf
  • Other

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Best in terms of privacy/usability.

“Best” is relative though to your threat model, for instance… best in terms of what?

[edit] missed “in terms of privacy/usability.”


I think everything listed suffers from small teams and unpatched security issues and I would just say to use Firefox itself.

I guess Ungoogled Chromium shows the most of promise or at least I haven’t heard negative things of it, other than that it’s difficult to install and keep up-to-date.

Alternatively Brave of which I have no other problems than their CEO (other than it being based on Chromium and thus missing nice features like Firefox Containers or their own old Session Tabs that won’t return).


Just started using GNU IceCat when I switched to Linux, actually. Besides Tor, it’s one of the best open source browsers I’ve discovered, I think. Actually, for those who have used the others, what are the more subtle differences? (Did they change a lot under the hood, in other words?)

With the Tor Browser, I can see some of the more obvious differences (NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, security slider, prevention of HTML5 canvas data extraction, etc.).

EDIT: I found a few of said privacy features, actually.

Some people here have said they don’t like Brave’s advertising model (like with the BAT tokens and such) - would you consider that a privacy violation? It still seems better than some of the alternatives.

From what I have understood, you-the-user have to explicitly opt-in to see Brave ads and they happen on localhost and are privacy friendly. However I only have Brave’s word on this and every time I have checked, they aren’t available in Finland, I am yet to see a deeper third party research on this whether it’s really the case.

One big complaint I have seen is that it’s opt-in for the user and the owner of the domain cannot opt-in/out of serving Brave ads. I would say that it’s unrelated to Privacy though as most of the ads won’t respect Do Not Track and violate your privacy.

what’s the problem with CEO? Do you know him?

Some employees of Mozilla Foundation (a separate organization from Mozilla Corporation) tweeted calls for his resignation, with reference to his donation of $1,000 to California Proposition 8, which called for the banning of same-sex marriage in California.[16][17]

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I see a difference in “criticizing” and “banning marriage”, especially as marriage ban wouldn’t have affected any other group of people.