What is best browser addons?

i’m remaking my browser (like installing addons & making tweaks) & i found a lot of addons on privacytoolsio & they almost similar like ublock origin & umatrix so i wanted to ask i must use both of them or just one ? & if yes what best of them ? so u can vote here or just tell me in comments

  • Ublock Origin
  • UMatrix

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  • Canvas Blocker
  • Trac

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“…a majority of users just want an install and forget blocker, and this is uBlock [Origin]. Power users however like to be fully informed about what web pages do, and be able to act on that information with a tool that makes it all easy, this is uMatrix.”

However, many people, including me, use both. uMatrix can’t do cosmetic filtering or regex resource filtering, only domain and resource type filtering. uBlock Origin provides cosmetic and regex resource filtering.


Calling @12bytes.org - maybe you have a nice guide for OP?

thanks for the head-up 4udr4n

to the OP: how deep you want to dive into the privacy pool depends on a), how much you value your privacy, and b), how technically inclined you are … because of what you said in your post, i’m guessing you’re somewhat new to all this, and so i might direct you here where you’ll find the The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies!

okay, im value my privacy a lot & im programmer so yeah im good at pc & i already dealed with umatrix xD

Guide for uMatrix is here. Some sites may be “broken” by extension because its very restrictive at first, but as you surf more the better experience you get because you can save white/black listing of content on sites.

I’m wondering the same - I want a decent setup, but I don’t want to use addons like NoScript that are a pain to manage and constantly break sites. I just want a configuration to block ads/trackers and forget about it

try uBlock Origin in ‘easy’ mode - read the docs and enable the filter lists you need

I just want a configuration to block ads/trackers

unfortunately you won’t be able to block a lot of privacy related stuff, including tracking methods, if you allow JS globally