What is an open source phone number, SMS replication app?

I used TextNow and NextPlus, but I want to use something that emphasizes safer privacy. I need a phone number for SMS authentication to use Signal. I do not want to use my host phone number. Do you have any good services or apps? What you need is the following points. Be open source. If possible, I would like SMS in countries that emphasize privacy, such as Switzerland and Germany, not phone numbers in the US, Canada, or UK. This is not necessary.

Wouldn’t it be easier and more reliable to just get a prepaid phone number?

I agree. And use Bitrefill to pay with bitcoin.

You ask mostly the same question in How to get a phone number with Swiss service? …

I would like SMS in countries that emphasize privacy, such as Switzerland and Germany

In Germany, it is mandatory to register for a new SIM card using your real ID. The same is true for most European countries.

This user asks the same questions in multiple threads on most topics, even ones with threads already posted on the matter. It’s getting old and spammy real quick.

Check JMP.chat. Will do what you want.

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I don’t understand the use case of Bitrefill
I can pay for mobile prepaid cards with cash at most shops.
I still am forced to register SIM with passport

You are forced to show your passport

Oh, I have forgotten that this is country depedent. In Finland no one is going to ask you for an identity card or a passport or at least they have never asked from me.

There is an optional free prepaid registration though which may include strong digital authentication and I have always opted to do it as it offers benefits such as managing the number, moving balance across SIMs, retrieving PUK code and at times special offers. There might also be the possibility of moving to a regular postpaid number keeping the prepaid number.

One carrier even has a mix between prepaid/postpaid number where the number is registered and owned to you, but it still functions like a prepaid. I have one on my spare phone as it requires charging every two years to stay active and mobile data is 1 €/day if I had happened to need it due to messing my main phone up too much.