What is an alternative to GoogleMap?

I am looking for an alternative to GoogleMap. I emphasize privacy so I want something more privacy. Please tell us the Android and iPhone apps.

I think you are looking for OpenStreetMap




Well in terms of open source there is osmand which @Mikaela linked to and a fork of maps[dot]me: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.github.axet.maps

Your other options are using a proprietary one and cutting the internet connection off permanently for that app (after downloading the maps).

I do that with the app from HERE WeGo maps: https://maps.here.com
I blocked the internet connection with AFWall+ at first.
But I was still concerned so I de-compiled it and deleted a line in the manifest.xml to remove internet permission. But I guess you could do that with other apps too.

You could also run an app like that in Shelter. https://f-droid.org/en/packages/net.typeblog.shelter/

Currently I just use Apple Maps. It’s not great, and marginally better than Google on privacy, however, I have tried OpenStreetMap three times and it’s sent me to the wrong place every time.

that thing is pretty awesome, and it’s available on F-Droid for mobile, and it works off-line - there are an insane number of config options though

for the desktop there is nothing that comes close to Google Maps unfortunately afaik (especially street view) - OpenStreetMap is ok for very basic stuff though

I tried using an OSM client, but the quality was just not good enough. They also lack various quality of life features for those of us who use public transport.

I still use an OSM client for basic lookups, but for anything even moderately complex, I use Gmaps.

You can check out Qwant Maps : https://www.qwant.com/maps/
It’s still in Beta but I like what they did.


+1 on Qwant Maps, its based on OSM but I notice the search results are better.