What is a good Disposable email service?

What are alternatives to the same use of a disposable email service?

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Good free plan, on-the-fly creation of addresses (no need to log into your account), limited only by bandwidth/month (unlimited addresses), ads are unobtrusive on free plan, reply from disposable addresses with paid-for plans, good control panel, link to de-activate address in received emails, no significant rejection rate, custom domains, paid plans at 1 $ and 5 $/month.


ten minute mail seems to be pretty good.

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I found these:


I don’t know if it belongs to the 5 eyes

Also here is an article with a few services:


+1 for GuerrilaMail. They even have an onion address!

Guerrillamail, will not let you send emails if connected trough tor and if you connect to their onion address apparently there is no way to send emails, only receive.


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This seems to be the same exact software behind guerillamail and the same comment applies.

Been using 33Mail for 3 years now. It truly has been really simple and useful.

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I’ve noticed something. I’ve used Guerrillamail before, but when I tried to register for a site with the address, it didn’t work. Does this mean that it had expired, or the site just doesn’t accept temporary email accounts?

Try using different domains. Generally pokemail.net isn’t blocked, but you cannot use that domain in the hidden service of GuerrilaMail. If that’s the case visit the clearnet site and try all domains.

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That’s a good idea. I’ll experiment with this. Thanks!

If you use Mailbox.org, than they give you the ability to create trash mails that self destruct after a period of time.

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