What firefox add-ons do you use?

Ublock Origin
HTTPS Everywhere
Everything recommended on Privacy Toolks
CC Search
Privacy Possum
Privacy Redirect
Activate Nitterify
IPFS Companion ( I use it for web free web hosting )

The only reason I use MetaMask is for SingularityNet, but otherwise I would be skeptical until it has been thoroughly tested.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials
Bypass Paywalls
Three Different Night Mode Plugins

Accidentally put HTTP Everywhere. Not I’d rather a plugin not enforce HTTP everywhere.


Do you think you think it is necessary to use Privacy Possum with uBlock Origin (Enhanced Easy mode)

As always, this depends on your threat model. Some of the things blocked by Privacy Possum should also be blocked by the current Firefox in Strict Mode (Enhanced Tracking Protection). For example, FF can natively block 3rd party cookies.

If you look at https://github.com/cowlicks/privacypossum, there seems to be some fallback mechanisms in Privacy Possum. For instance, if Privacy Possum blocks the Referer header and errors occur, then the Referer header will be added back. A website that tries to track you could expose this to always enforce headers.

In general, you should try to reduce the amount of browser extensions to a very small number. Each browser extension can introduce new security vulnerabilities and some browser extensions spied on users in the past.

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169 enabled at the time of writing. Without listing them, I’ll mention a few that might be of interest here. At least one should be familiar to most privacy-conscious users of Firefox.


My 2018 review:

The highlights allow me to more easily ignore advertisements.

That’s surely not what the developer intended :slight_smile: however the extension does have this effect. The highlights are not offensively bright. Easier to perceive the part of the page that does not include advertising.


Don’t be turned off by the Ad part of the name. This extension allows people to see where sponsored links are not properly disclosed.

From Idea: Mozilla OpenWPM Extension : firefox

Mozilla took over a project called OpenWPM from Princeton, which, despite what one may think the name sounds like, is not something similar to but slightly different from a VPN. Instead:

OpenWPM, our open-source software for conducting automated Web Privacy Measurements on a scale of thousands to millions of websites. It is useful to researchers, journalists, regulators, privacy advocates, and anyone with an interest in online privacy.

Posted by me last year: AdIntuition – making it easier to discover undisclosed affiliations and commissions : firefox

  • includes examples of good players, and a questionable player.

Certainly Something (Certificate Viewer)

… advanced digital certificate viewer for with an easy-to-use interface that works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Chrome Store Foxified


Recommended by Firefox staff.


… find the publish date for articles and other Internet content, …


Whilst the description is not well-worded, it is a fine extension.

Comparable to things such as HTTPS Everywhere.

Latest on AMO

… a list of the latest add-ons published on addons.mozilla.org in the Firefox sidebar.

Developer: Jorge Villalobos (Product Manager for AMO; member of the team that manages the site and the add-on review process). Nice guy, very considerate … he produced and published this extension almost immediately after a GitHub comment by me re: minor loss of functionality when AMO was redesigned.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard

Not officially supported on FreeBSD (which I use) or Linux, but it seems to work perfectly on these platforms. It’s a great extension.

Catches much more than can be caught by the four malware-oriented lists that are available in uBlock Origin. And so on.

Does not require Malwarebytes Premium (there’s no such product for FreeBSD or Linux).

Newsit: Hacker News and Reddit Links

If there’s Hacker News or Reddit discussion of a page, this extension will help to find it.

Official Media Bias Fact Check Icon

… color-coded icon denoting the bias of the page you are currently viewing, according to Media Bias/Fact Check. …

Open With

Simplifies use of multiple browsers. Whilst browsing with Firefox: open a link – or the current page – in Brave Browser or Falkon or surf or Tor Browser or whatever.

Side note: hoping to add support for Open With as an extension to Brave Browser. Pull request drafted.

YouTube Playback Speed Control

More to follow …

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Hahahahaha. You’re crazy, man.

Bitwarden. I don’t need any more. I use the strict configuration and I also use a VPN outside. What’s the point of having so many extensions?

I think some people get addicted to Add-ons :brain:

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I’m knee-deep.

I don’t often perform Google searches that generate advertisements, here’s a recent shot of Adigly helping me to avoid them (the highlighting decreases legibility – it’s a turn-off):

I mostly use Tor (I don’t use Google or Gmail so I don’t live on an Internet infested by captchas), but when I’m on Firefox I install:

HTTPS Everywhere
Privacy Badger

I trust the EFF not to collect data or write shady software. I also change my default about:config along the lines similar to that mentioned on the privacytools.io browser section (which is also one reason I <3 Firefox) :slight_smile: