What firefox add-ons do you use?

Thanks for your reply and link. I also have FF in RAM and don’t depend on uBO for cookies. The dev of the Temp Containers addon claims more privacy through it than FPI, though I don’t recall where I read that.

I wonder if the IndexDB could merely be deleted every few minutes from outside FF with cron or systemd. Alternatively, perhaps an addon could use the native messaging protocol.

i recall reading that myself - i think in the ghacks user.js repo - though as i think the differences are somewhat negligible - also i think FPI is continuing to be improved in FF

TC works with FPI enabled i’m pretty sure, if you want the ultimate protection

the short answer is ‘yes, probably’, but it’s not something you’d likely want to do because some add-ons use IDB to store stuff - uBO defaults to IDB to store settings (and possibly filter lists), though it will fallback to other methods if IDB is disabled apparently (yes, you can disable it entirely if you want), or you can specify what storage it uses in the advanced settings, cacheStorageAPI, which defaults to ‘unset’

Thanks to posts like these, I started using Privacy Possum, Decentraleyes, and w3af (which tells information about hosting).

I’ve never tried Privacy Possum, but from what I’ve seen, there are better ways to block trackers. I prefer uMatrix which does much more. NoScript is also usable, but it’s much harder to use and only allows/blocks scripts globally rather than on only one website.

Decentraleyes is pretty good.

I’ve never heard of w3af. Firefox and Pale Moon have page info built-in which you can open by pressing “Ctrl + I” or “Ctrl + Shift + E”.

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Actually, I meant to say “W3Bin,” although I have tried w3af as well. w3af is an open source web application vulnerability scanner, kind of like Grabber or Vega. W3Bin is the one that gives hosting information. And thanks for the tip!

+1 to Malwarebytes Browser Guard, as it’s now called.

As an alternative to HTTPS Everywhere, people might like to try HTTPZ.

I also use legacy Fox Web Security:

From a privacy perspective, some people might question the use of DNS but (at least with Yandex DNS) Fox Web Security does seem to flag some domains that might be not otherwise flagged.


Home-built Waterfox Classic 2019.12, FreeBSD-CURRENT.

Add-ons I use:

  1. uBlock Origin (Enhanced Easy mode)
  2. Privacy Possum
  3. Decentraleyes
  4. Cookie AutoDelete
  5. Dark Reader
  6. Enhancer for YouTube


What operating system do you use?


I meant to say browser

That’s wild, word. I would have never imagined that one person could have used so many GH add-ons.

Thanks for SpotiSush.

Firefox, but you really DON’T need so many add-ons, please.


I have 6 Add-ons. I feel that is enough. I don’t intend on having anymore.

I would highly recommend you to getting CSS Exfil protection and maybe changing some more, but that’s just me.

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Are you using Firefox? Which Add-ons do you use?

I do use Firefox.

I use ClearURLs, CSS Exfil Protection, Decentraleyes, Firefox Multi-Account Containers, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, Redirect AMP to HTML, Temporary Containers, uBlock Origin and uMatrix on my main profile, and I have another profile to visit Netflix, Spotify and YouTube when there isn’t an active Invidious instance where I have the same add-ons plus Fraidycat, Invidition and SpotiSush.


This website PRISM Break has some good Add-on recommendations.
Looks like an interesting privacy website.
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I may install one or two more. I am trying to limit my Add-ons. What mode to you have uBlock Origin?

ArcoLinuxB Kde Plasma.
At the moment Cliqz Browser, but at the time of the screenshot, just simple Firefox stable.

Well, despite all of that, I do achieve a great balance between stability and performance, with that many extensions, I could potentially reduce some of them by using ViolentMonkey, but the current options with it still make me prefer external web extensions for each of them.