What does this virus total scan of Firefox 71.0dmg mean?

Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4becd26dcbc3876935bab344788a4d1473a187f8bfb856c67844284000dc4788/detection

I downloaded Firefox for mac and uploaded the Firefox 71.0dmg file into virustotal.

The file came out clean with a result of 0/58, but OSX Sandbox found something called an “Evader” and its in orange text. What kind of virus is this?

I found this on the virustotal blog and I think it says that orange text means something was detected in the file


Not an user of a Mac, and neither someone who really knows what that OSX Sandbox even is, but i’ll guess that something classed as an EVADER, is a program, in which have ways of trying to get out of that sandbox, for other reasons, like for example, URL handlers, storage permissions, notifications and such.
I suppose this is something pretty normal and expected from a scanned web browser, try with other similar web browsers, to be sure of my hypothesis.

I tested chrome and it has the same Evader from OSX Sandbox


How reliable is virustotal? I have discovered it a few weeks ago but never tried it because and don’t know if it truly works.