What does it mean if service/software is in "Worth Mentioning" section?

I am just curious which items end up in “Worth Mentioning” section.
For example: Master Password is not listed among recommended password managers, but it is listed in “Worth Mentioning” section.

What exactly does this mean (e.g. it lacked some qualifications to be listed OR it has some known flaws OR it is considered for the review by the team, in future OR something else :face_with_monocle:)?

I assume its good too but not have place to add it because page will be more bigger

It also can mean that the software is good, but might be for advanced users, (eg with the commandline password managers).

It can also mean the software is emerging, stable enough for use, but not rock solid. Generally though we don’t list anything that isn’t good enough to use on a everyday basis.