What do you use as a task list/to do system?

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Please share your setup!

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I use Standard Notes for to do lists and reminders. It syncs seamlessly between my linux, windows and android.


I like bullet journaling

it is a method on how to organize analog. And I like it a lot, a lot of people moved to analog after I showed them this method.

but do yourself a favor and get a nice book, a good pen, and a pen loop so you carry both together.

I can give recommendations on all of those.

(blacklight447) #4

I use something that is unhackable:
Pen and paper.
And encrypt it by hand using the world’s strongest encryption:
My handwriting.


bruh. ocr is catching up tho


Joplin, with encryption, using my Nextcloud server to sync between multiple PCs and my Android.

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It is on fdroid


I don’t really keep a task list but I use calcurse which is a calendar with task/appointment stuff in the terminal. It’s awesome.

(Zachariah ) #9

If it’s anything like my handwriting OCR or even machine learning"AI" is still very far from making heads or tails of the chaos

(Mikaela Suomalainen) #10

My current setup is a nightmare which involves at least:

  • Telegram saved messages (most commonly) which has a pinned message I keep ignored saying that I have moved it to
  • Trello
  • Matrix room with only me and E2EE with option to only send messages to verified users
  • Habitica.com
  • sometimes OMEMO encrypted XMPP messages between me and me
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Scarlet Notes from F-Droid.

(Dan) #12

I use https://www.chriskrycho.com/2018/just-write-down-what-you-do.html with Bear.app

I want to find something like Joplin as an open-source alternative, but nothing compares to Bear.app in my honest opinion


I have tried many tools, but nothing beats Cherrytree

I use it as primary project management tool in my job :slight_smile: And also at home for my own tasks. Main file is synced via cloud service (e2ee). There are no smartphone apps, but I try to minimize phone usage. In case I need some documents on my phone, I use Turtl. Have used Joplin before, it’s also great, maybe even better, but Turtl is better when it comes to syncing :). Also, I have Simple Notes from F-droid for shopping list


I do that too, although I do have a digital notepad app that I “carry” around for times when I don’t have paper.