What do you think about Threema

Look I’ve done decent research about Threema, I think.
But I want to hear your opinions about this messenger.

I think that Threema is even better than the popular and often suggested Messenger Signal.

What is speaking against Threema?
I cant see the reason using Signal over Threema except for a smaller Userbase of Threema (what I cant understand because I think its better lol)

Edit: also I think that we could consider adding Threema to the messenger list, right? Maybe not now because it WAS not open source for a long time.

I like some of the features behind Threema (like being based out of Switzerland), but getting my normie friends to switch to Signal was hard enough, much less convincing them to pay for a messaging app. For me and my social groups Signal is good enough.


In my opinion it’s the best messenger one can use at the moment and nothing speaks against it (of course also in my opinion). I use it together with Signal on one device and recommend it (Threema) whenever I can. Fortunately I have all my important contacts with Threema and “the rest” with Signal.

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Unfortunately, my important contacts are not on Threema except one (until now).
I don’t see any negative points on Threema too.

I have the issue too.
Only one contact till now

Payment is a barrier in a “free” AppStore/Playstore world. Which is even more felt in impoverished places.

Its hard enough for me to explain to my friends why they need Signal when FB Messenger and Viber exists. It is even harder for me to justify paying for a secure app with practically no people in there.


It’s difficult to get people on this too.
I wanted to get a friend to Threema and explained him (with videos too) why he should leave Whatsapp.
He kinda understood and was open to this but I think that if it would be free, he would have downloaded it and gave it a try. The small barrier is to high for the most.
I am thinking of just trying to get them to Signal although I think that Threema is just better.
And if I get them to Signal it would be weired and maybe impossible to get them again from an famous platform to an other paltform that you even have to pay for.

Edit: I wonder if a free trial would help

I bought Threema, but I don’t like it that much for the following reasons:

  1. There is no options to edit message (just like Signal, or WA)
  2. There is no PC version, only Web client, with even fewer features (no calls). Though this is something they are working on
  3. If you have to pay for app, account is not anonymous. So what’s the difference between providing phone number, e.g. to Signal or email and payment info to Threema. Or even buying it from play store and connect it with Google/Apple account
  4. No perfect forward secrecy
  5. No group calls/video conferences (as I know, but I will check again soon)
  6. No timed/exploding messages

Features I like:

  1. You can send uncompressed images and videos

So, all in all, it doesn’t offer better privacy nor security comparing to e.g. Signal. It’s not even feature rich as Signal, not to mention Wire or Element. I think even WickrMe is better service, even though it’s completely closed and USA based. But I will use it as long as I have at least one contact in address book.

I think they should offer free trial. Maybe for 1 year, like WA had it years ago, or 6 months like Conversation


I think editing messages would be a bit difficult and imo not necessary because the messeges are encrypted.
For editing you would have to encrypt the new content again and manage to place the messege were the old was.

That it only has a web client isn’t thaat bad for me but I understand it.

The third point would be solved if it would be free but tbf is better than others (not all ik)

I am not exactly sure how it is with the perfect forward secrecy.
I think you have both keys for ever on this account so ok.

I think group chats are not supported till now, would be nice though.

And sadly timed/exploding messages are not supported too, so I agree with that too.

And I like optional uncompressed images/ videos too.

I mean Threema is maybe a bit more private (you know phone number given or not given).
I think its on the pretty much on the same level as Signal in terms of privacy. I will to keep Threema too as long as I have at least one contact.

Indeed, at least a free trial would be great.

Do you know a magic trick to convince people to buy Threema?
And do you think that if I get them to Signal that they would be anytime more privacy concerned so they consider going to Threema (if Threema is the better choice then)?

Edit: I wanted to add that I see more and more privacy and security concerned people.
AND I have Signal installed to I am not hating the Mr. Robot featured messenger :slight_smile:

IIRC there is PFS, but only for transport layer!?