What do you guys think of Rust?

Rust is programming language, similar to C, C++. It’s not quite as complex.

I’m a beginner in it. But it seems like Rust has a lot of potential. And I wouldn’t mind an operating system built with it.

What do you guys think?

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+1 for rust, it has the speedyness of C, but its memory safe, and often won’t even compile if you have written it insecurely.


rust is not my thing, it feels restrictive, which in all fairness, could be both a plus and a con.

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I haven’t learned Rust yet, but I was interested in it. I should probably focus on the 50 other languages I’m learning first, though. :rofl:

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i did not tried c, c++ & rust (i tried VB, java & javascript tho) so i can say if u want build a PC apps just give a shot for electrone (its good & u can support all platforms with same codes)