What cookie remover Add-on do you use on Firefox?

I use Cookie AutoDelete. Is this a good cookie remover and does it work?
I like a cookie remover Add-on that removes cookies, local DB, local storage etc.
Also fairly easy to use.


yup i use this and it also clear local storage (not sure about local DB but i guess both is same thing)

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Although, Cookie AutoDelete does clear localStorage, it doesn’t clear IndexedDB. You can use Temporary Containers to achieve that.

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I have noticed on Firefox in Preferences > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data that it says there are cookies etc there. I have noticed this when using Cookie AutoDelete and Clear Browsing Data Add-ons.

This is the best answer, I think it was you who provided me with a Medium article on how to set it up properly.

C AD deletes cookies after you close the tab, so
that could be the reason.

Right :slight_smile:

Moreover, Cookie AutoDelete plants its own (temporary) cookies in your browser for the sites that don’t have any cookies, in order to remember to clean localStorage after them.


It doesn’t exactly count, but since earlier today I have started using µMatrix again. However instead of removing cookies, it prevents the websites from getting the cookies.

I did it by adapting this script blocking µMatrix guide and in addition to scripts I marked cookies as red too. It would also have an option to remove cookies, but I think I am too lazy for that.

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Related to the site data, I don’t use anything apart from first party isolation setting and Clear Browsing Data addon (just because Firefox interface for manipulating Site Data is so dismal). I tried Cookie AutoDelete, Temporary Containers and some other extensions, but found that if you already aggressively content-block, it’s more trouble than it’s worth since uBlock Origin/uMatrix can already block domains and if you block them then they can’t set cookies either. I don’t even block all third-party cookies anymore, preferring instead to opt-in for default vanilla setting of only blocking ‘cross-site and social media trackers’. This coupled with settings like first party isolation and maybe something like ETag Stoppa which removes ETag response headers takes me 90 percent of the way. I clear the minimal and mostly first-party site data manually from time to time.

I have this setting too, but I’m skeptic about it working since C AD tells me that deletes cookies when closing a tab.

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I have tried Clear Browsing Data but it doesn’t notify on the icon or tell me what cookies etc are deleted. Does it show for you?


The Clear Browsing Data Add-on seems good though.
There is an issue reported on GitHub ‘Cache is not cleared on Firefox’
The developer also wrote this blog.

No, just throws a generic notification saying “the selected browsing data has been successfully cleared”. I agree this could be improved upon. This and maybe clearing site data per domain. Currently it just nukes everything.

I don’t see that. Where about does it notify?

It’s in the Options > Show notification on success.

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 02.49.49

I’m not getting that. It could be a problem with my Firefox profile

I see that Cookie AutoDelete recently got recommended on Firefox Add-ons. It was listed as not recommended.

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Yeah, still, containers are better.

I’ve started using Forget Me Not It removes Local Storage, Indexed DB etc.
I tried using Temporary Containers but I found it difficult to understand.

Im using temporary containers and i can say that sometimes some particular sites are “evading” the temp containers passing some cookies so i can find them and delete them manually in firefox’s managedata


Do you use a cookie remover?