What can i do next?

i’m aware of my privacy for a some time now and stopped at this point and i don’t know what to do next so please give me some suggestions
i have archlinux installed with apparmor firejail and a basic firewall
i use ghacks user.js and 12bytes setup for my firefox with couple profiles for different purposes
i still use fb for some reason but on a seperate browser only for fb and nothing else and i use seperate email for it the only email actually for anything else i just use disposal mail
i use dnscrypt-proxy on my arch system
and i’m google free for a long time now
so what’s the next step to take?

I think that it would depend on your threat model and what part of the internet are most important to you

One thing you could is to use the Tor Browser whenever you’re just looking up stuff online

Another thing you can look into is using a distro that doesn’t have any binary blobs (regular kernel) or check out Qubes OS if your hardware is good enough for it to have even more isolation between your applications. And using hardware with as much free software as possible (coreboot, libreboot) is also something you could look into but those are quite extreme measures and it again depends if it they make sense for you

But don’t too much to make your machine unusable and lose all the great things the internet can provide :smiley:

i use arch with linux-hardened kernel my threat model is just to be invisible to big companies (i mean not to be tracked on the web ) and when i need some anonymity i use tor
my machine can’t handle qubes unfortunately i’ll look for libreboot and coreboot i like using foss as much as possible
if you have any more ideas about security and privacy i want to make a todo list :smiley:
thanks :slight_smile:

alright, gotcha

Do you use a password manager? They make it easier to remember different usernames and emails if you don’t want to reuse the same one and also prevent important information from being leaked if you never use the same password twice (although this should only matter when the service stores the password in plain text, but you know how much many companies care for security)

Which messenger do you use? Try to stay away from anything that doesn’t use e2ee and is closed source.

But other then that I can’t really think of many more things to suggest for you, after all I’m no expert either :D.

i use keepassxc but i currently have 2 accounts so i just memorize the passwords

you were so helpful thanks :smiley:

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