What blogs do you read?

I’ve been reading more and more about a lot of privacy stuff, as well as anything related to GNU/Linux sysadmins, but I have run out of pages (I only find new ones every now and then). The other day I read a developer’s blog where he explained how he de-Googled himself as well as how he set up a home server, how he manages passwords and other things (not necessarily related to privacy, but also FOSS and others).

I don’t really know how to find “good blogs”, so I thought asking here would be a good idea. Any blogs you read and want to share with the community? Other blog-like pages (basically somewhere with more or less regular posts) are also welcome!

PS: I know some of you have your own pages/blogs (@12bytes.org even has the website as the username! haha), that counts as well!

PS2: I already read write.privacytools.io regularly, but there isn’t that much new content in write.privacytools.io/read and I don’t know how else to find content.

I have a blog, I can send you url in a moment. https://write.privacytools.io/worldwidewebwizard/

Elcomsoft blog : that’s a blog from the opposition. Those people sell software to law enforcement to crack your encrypted secrets. They have very detailed how-to’s and tutorials to explain the men in blue how to ruin your privacy. Very instructive. And frightening, obviously. A few blog posts are also intended to help the users enforce their privacy.

Schneier on Security : by one of the most reputable cryptographers around.

Krebs on Security : by one of the most knowledgeable tech journalists specializing in the subject.

A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering : by a cryptographer and university professor.

Government Info Security : the official US site for advice to citizens and businesses.

National Cyber Security Centre : the equivalent site by the UK government.

Tech Dirt : with an emphasis on politics and law in the US, inasmuch as they influence privacy and security provided by tech corporations.

Larry Sanger’s blog : by the co-founder of Wikipedia. Free speech, privacy, hands-on reviews and advice for hardware and software.

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Im gonna shamelessly plug my own blog here:https://write.privacytools.io/my-thoughts-on-security/

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