What are the recommended email client apps for iOS and Android?

I use Thunderbird on my PC. The email provider uses Disroot. (I really wanted to use Protonmail and Tutanota, but they were unfortunately stopped because they couldn’t be used for free with Thunderbird.) Here I would like to use them on mobile. Please give me! ! iOS uses Apple Mail, but the Apple service is not very trustworthy. Please tell me about iOS and Android respectively. The following points are necessary.
Open source, free, encrypted and stored on the server, can be filtered by email address (to organize emails from multiple senders)

I’ve seen people recommend K9 on many privacy forums.

I do not use it myself, but it does seem to be open source and it has a F-Droid page.

There seems to be two questions here. Best email client for iOS and Android, and has to work with Proton and Tuta.

That can’t be done with Tuta. Tuta is not compatible with any third-party email client.

I don’t know if the Bridge feature of Proton works with iOS or Android. What’s certain, though, is that many users complain of it not working as it should.

Your best bet might be to look for a PGP-encrypted email provider compatible with third-party email clients. I think that Posteo, Mailbox or Mailfence fall under that category.

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U can check out with Simple Email

and FairEmail

K9 is great for Android.

Will need to look more into IOS clients…

On iOS use the stock mail client and disable loading remote images
Safer than any of the “free to use” clients out there.
As for tutanota and ProtonMail, they have their own apps for mobile use.

+1 for FairEmail, been using it for the past week on my Android and really liking all the extra features it has. I was using K-9 before that but I had some issues with IMAP folders not syncing and noticed it hasn’t been updated for quite a while.

Thats Great.

Moreover if you want to purchase the pro version, get it directly from the website Purchase. googleplay charge more

Moreover, you can also check Simple Email . This has been forked from FairEmail and has all the pro features

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Oh cool, wasn’t aware of that about Simple Email, I think some recommendations on privacytools need to categorised into different platforms, I know it has the little icons next to them but maybe the layout could be more specific to a chosen platform, like what is a good email client for AOSP platforms etc.
I only just started using GrapheneOS and the F-Droid ecosystem on an old Pixel recently, was on iOS before, and I’ve had trouble figuring out which apps to use for security / privacy.