What are good channels to follow on tube.privacytools.io?

Hello everyone,

recent user of tube.privacytools.io ( for the one who didn’t know about it : Introducing our PeerTube Instance ) I love it and already watched a bunch of videos on it that I would otherwise have watched on youtube (as a lot of people I’m trying to move away from youtube but it’s very difficult). And now I have 2 questions for you about the Privacytools instance on PeerTube :

  • 1 : When I select the menu “recently added” on the left sidebar it’s supposed to display the recently added videos but in my case the most recent ones that it displays were 1 month “old” until this morning where it finally displays 5 videos posted between some hours and 4 weeks ago. For example I follow the channel “TecLore” and I know he posted new videos because I receive the notification from the top left corner on my PeerTube account but it never appears into the “recently added” normal sidebar menu. Do you have the same situation where the “trending” or “most recent” videos that you see never changes ?
  • 2 : the most important question : as you can tell I face the challenge that I would love to discover new videos, new channels but the instance doesn’t show me what’s new. For the moment I follow only “TecLore” channel, which I like (not the best ever but it’s really good) and I was wondering if you are also following good channels which ones are they ? Would be nice to be able to share on that.

Thank you

The Recently added option works as expected for me, I get videos divided in categories “yesterday”, “last week”, “last month” and “older”.

According to the documentation, the search functionality by default only displays results from other instances that are known to yours. Global search is a relatively new feature that has to be enabled by the administrator of your instance. It does not say however if results from other instances that you follow as a user, even if these are unknown to your original instance.

It seems some of these features are new and more are coming. Peertube is raising funds to support the development of the project and have announced a roadmap of features. Global search was supposedly added in June.

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Thank you for this answer :slight_smile: so the issue is coming from my side : I’ll check my NextDNS config and router settings as something may be blocking somewhere there. I already checked before and didn’t see anything obvious that’s where I assumed it may be a known bug with PeerTube. But now I know it’s caused by the thing between my screen and my chair.

EDIT : found the solution for why I was not seeing the new videos : was in my peertube account settings I needed to re-activate all the languages and now I see everything up to date. Perfect :slight_smile:

You should take a look at Sun Knudsen’s channel. His videos are available on PrivacyTool’s PeerTube, but he also hosts his own instance: https://peertube.sunknudsen.com/

He seems very knowledgeable, and most of his videos are tutorials on how to protect your privacy while using technology.

Here’s a speech where he talked about why privacy matters:
PeerTube: https://tube.privacytools.io/videos/watch/1b492629-1f2d-49a0-93ed-722b534b372d
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGpCAhA2wQQ

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