What about Aptoide?

I know they’ve recently had a data breach, but, other than that, they seem nice & open source. Why are they never recommended?

Aptoide the play store alt website ? https://www.aptoide.com/ if so then i do not think they are open source… also nah just use aurora or f droid

They are open source, see https://github.com/Aptoide/aptoide-client-v8

If I am correct, their repository feature might let me unify f-droid and google play into just one app (yay!) Also, aurora is terribly buggy in my device.

I have faint idea of them not checking apps much and allowing anyone to upload anything and I think they also have a reputation for piracy, but I haven’t looked into them recently.

Traditionally Aptoide has been one of the Android stores directly available on SailfishOS-with-Android-support from the Store.

I’m okay with that, but still, I think piracy on their store is a sub-product of not checking apps rather than a thing on itself of wanting applications that support piracy. Google play also had a couple of those in the past.


i know Aptoide before even go to privacy topics and darn its first time to know they are open source :joy:

but i still remember that users upload their apps with rate system if its virus, laggy and so on so problem that user who upload it but in other hand aurora it just like invidious and youtube

Yeah I mean I do agree with you that Aurora is better, security and maybe even privacy wise than Aptoide, but the problem is, its just a layer over play store, which is made by google. I just wish there was a really independent app market, because F Droid cannot compete for the average user.

@Mikaela I do think if you just use the main store, the one provided by Aptoide itself, there are not some much piracy problems; they dont make doing that terribly easy, however; more like the opposite

Btw fun fact @esmailelbob, F-Droid is an aptoide fork

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Take AppGallery from Huawei as example. so its bad idea and really need to lot of support from devs

Well, at least apps on f-droid are open source so can check if its virus or not unlike aptoide there is no way unless you check its hash or just download it from google by search so yeah