We're a privacy search engine and we just went fully open source

Hello everyone!

We went open source today and our code can be found at https://gitlab.com/infinitysearch/infinity-search!

Users had shown interest in our service and had some general questions about us on the what is your daily search engine thread on this forum. We answered those questions on our blog at

If anyone ever has any more questions about us or wants to give us feedback, we’ll be happy to respond to anything in this thread.


i never heard about you…

EDIT: well, i saw it and qwant results and it was the same so for me its good but problem that you are using https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js really ? and other assets not hosted in same site so it’s bad if i blocking 3rd parties sites so yeah just improve this and finally improve the look of site for god sake

We appreciate the feedback. You are right about the Google script. We have removed it while we work on another way of displaying the favicons. As for the design, we are in the process of creating a better look for the site.


Wow, really great job! I thought you were going to take longer to release the code. I can’t think of another search engine that is open source, only meta-search engines.

I would highly recommend you to publish your product here, you can reach to more people without having to spent money or a lot of time.

I would like to know if you could elaborate a little bit more here:

Since we are using the Microsoft’s Cognitive Services API, the searches that have been made on our behalf are saved by Microsoft. It just appears to Microsoft as us making the searches

Is there a way in which Microsoft could identify your users? Is there a way in which you can send them nothing? What information does exactly Microsoft gets?
Since the service is located in the USA, how would you react to a subpoena in a surveillance programme like PRISM? Did you ever think on implementing a warrant canary?

I’m gonna post on some subreddits to recommend your product to some other people!

Lastly, and this is unrelated, if you ever need a translator I could help you with Spanish, German and maybe Italian. I’m not asking for money, just want to help. :grin:

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Also, I can’t add Infinity to the list of search engines on Firefox, neither from the search bar nor the address bar, do you know why could this be?

It seems to be an add-on that opens the main page only. It should be trivial to add a customize search engine tho.

Well, we are still technically a meta search engine since our own web search services are not active yet but they will be open source as well when they are production ready. We appreciate the advice and you can actually find us on AlternativeTo.net at https://alternativeto.net/software/infinity-search/!

For Microsoft, all that they receive is the search query coming from our servers and then we receive and display the results to the results page. Since we are not logging identifiable information about who is connecting to our site, there should not be a way for Microsoft to identify who made the search. This follows the same for PRISM since we do not have anything to give to these agencies. If our users were interested in us still implementing a warrant canary, we could definitively do that.

We could definitively use help with the translating since everything is in English. If that is something that you want to do or help us do, here is a guide on how to contribute and make additions to open source code.

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We’re not sure why, but Firefox makes it harder to add a custom search engine and we have not been able to find any documentation on how a new search engine publishes their own. That is why we currently only have an add-on that takes users to our homepage. We are working on a solution to this, however, and we have easy instructions for people that want to make us their default search engines on other browsers here.

Firefox makes it harder to add a custom search engine

On some mobile firefoxes, it’s as easy as long press in the search box, then hit “add search engine” on the pop up. On Firefox klar, it took entering a search URL string in settings: https://infinitysearch.co/?q=%s
On icecat mobile, allowing amazon cloud in firewall settings was necessary, before going to the site for the long press.

It doesn’t display very well on mobile, however, looking like always desktop format.

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You promised to answer the questions PTIO plans to ask ALL privacy services. You haven’t answered all the questions in full. It would be helpful to see all the answers in one place – including those you choose not to answer.

Due to the simplicity of our system, some of the answers to other questions could be covered in within the ones that we answered. What other questions would you like us to answer?

It would be helpful to have all the questions and answers in one place. (If something doesn’t apply, N/A works.) Here are all the questions:

  • Who owns the company/organization? What percentage does each owner hold? (December 31 of prior year and current date)

  • Have you changed how information is processed and shared in the last year?

  • Do you share data – even “fuzzed” or “anonymized” data – with any of the owners/shareholders or any other company or organization server?

  • Please share a diagram showing how information flows when a user interacts with your service.

  • Which components of your service are not open source? Where can we find the code for the open source components?

  • Have you had any independent audits in the last three years? Please share the dates of those audits and audit reports.

  • If you require sign-up or account creation, do consumers have easy access to tools to delete their data? Can they delete everything on the servers or just the local cache?

  • Is there a way for consumers to view any information you have collected about them?

  • What is your business model? How do you fund operations and make money?

  • Do you offer a transparency report?

  • How is data secured (in transit and at rest)?

  • Who has access to customer data?

  • What 3rd parties have access to customer data?

  • What processes do you have in place if there is unauthorized access to data?

  • What customer data is collected, how often, and in what level of identification?

  • Will changes to your Terms & Conditions and privacy policies be communicated to end users at least 30 days in advance of any changes? How will these changes be communicated?


I don’t know how to develop, so I don’t know if I can help you if I have to mess around with the code. :cry:

Is this the Google Play Store app version of InfinitySearch @InfinitySearch ?

I wonder if it’s possible to make this P2P. That would alleviate a problem almost all search engines have with centralisation.

For that, there is Yacy.

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Hey @InfinitySearch - Did you see my questions? You asked me to post in this thread.

I’d like the answers to all the questions, but particularly the ownership question. I’m also wondering if this is the Google Play Store app version of Infinity Search: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=botmok.infinity.search



An entry from their blog:

How many people own Infinity Search?

Only one. This service started out as a side project and has now became a full service. We now have a small team that works on different aspects of the service such as the design, the desktop app, and the custom search APIs.

I really doubt they have an app, and it also looks nothing like their website.

Still, I think it would be interesting to hear their responses to the other answers.

I’m not a big fan of Yacy, mostly because it’s written in Java.

“Only one” doesn’t say who owns it.

The Google Play Store app language is very similar to the language on the website. I also found some other info that might link the two of them. Could you weigh in on this @InfinitySearch?

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