Welcoming Safing as our First Sponsor

I am very excited to introduce Safing ICS Technologies GmbH as the first sponsor of the PrivacyTools project. Safing is developing the Safing Privacy Network ("SPN", formerly Gate17), a decentralized network designed to protect both connection data and metadata, and focusing on speed and usability.

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I am glad to see you all are taking your sponsor project seriously, in a transparent way that respects your users’ ideals, please keep the good work supporting the struggle for a more private world since there are very little people that does take this with the attention it deserves.

When I first read about the patronage I was worried that it might cause some conflict of interests, but after this announcement I am most sure that you will not let us down. In a world led by money it is easy to lose your focus, but you are clearly in this fighting for the right cause. Nevertheless it is important to know that if needed to -and I assume you know it-, relationships must be cut if they end up interfering with what you stand for.

It would be really nice to see a PeerTube instance hosted by you all, and I hope this will help to make it happen, and a lot of other projects.

Have you mentioned this before? Did you find out who were responsible for it? I don’t see why someone would attack you.

I was just going to ask a few days ago what do you think of project Gate17, but it seems I will have to wait.

Here is a recent interview that one of the Safing.io founders had with The Hated One where they discuss threat models, tactics to defend against them, and a lot of other issues regarding how privacy is managed on Silicon Valley’s big-tech companies.



Here’s some great news about Safing: The organization voluntarily answered most or all of the “questions to ask all privacy companies” before being asked. One of the founders has also contributed ideas to the project. You’ll see info about the owners, data processing and open source code right at the Safing.io website. Refreshing!


cool i just hope you not change for the sponsorship

Congratulations PTIO team! I think you are being very smart about the use of this sponsorship to ensure the sustainability of the project.

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