Website with privacy score for applications?

Is there an overview of privacy scores for applications and services (such as Spotify, WhatsApp, Netflix, Steam), where one can easily check which align with one’s threat model? Questions that I think would be interesting are 1) what (personal) data does the service collect, 2) does the service share personal data, 3) does the service track me, etc.

In the process of switching to more privacy-friendly services, this would come in handy (vs having to check everything yourself).

There is Terms of Service, Didnt Read (TOSDR) to see if websites and their services are privacy respecting.


Yeah, there’s the “terms of service” & “privacy policy” for each site/program ; you may have already known this -_- Some of them can be pretty funny to read.

But no, I don’t really know of any sites that compare corporate tech entities/services for privacy.

So I do all my own research :smiley: Depending on what you’re protecting yourself against (everything, corporatism, governent spying, some creepy hacker spying on you, or maybe just fearful of what someone or some AI program might do with your user data 30 years from now, etc…)

I find this URL helpful in checking server locations: . ooooh and I do love using packet sniffers.

also if you ever use or look at something and your intuition gives you a feeling that something is “not right” or whatev even without empirical evidence…in my experience, personally ; that feeling is worth listening to and often proved right :slight_smile: It’s not paranoia when it’s really happening xD.

Ever wonder if your computer is sending HTTP/HTTPS requests when you leave it on with no open programs and leave your house ? lols. I use Void Linux atm… oh… and ya - auto update btw. [Void doesnt do that , in fact it comes without NTP running as theres no time sync issues without it - imagine that; no one even needs NTP]

meh. >.> but yes, anyone know of any sites ? its silly to do the work if someone else has already done it b4…

Of course, ToS;DR. I use the browser extension, but didn’t know I could also visit the website to check for the privacy policy of applications. In fact, it does show this information for Spotify, WhatsApp, Netflix, Steam, Bandcamp and many more.

meh. >.> but yes, anyone know of any sites ? its silly to do the work if someone else has already done it b4…

So actually, you can make additions to ToS;DR. So do the work and add it!

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