Way to disable clipboard on Samsung against password attack

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Scenario : I need to login my Samsung Secure folder frequently, however, it’s not rational to store the password of S.F (=Secure folder) on the phone or password manager.*

My solution : Therefore, I used to store it on my desktop with password manager, and then copy&paste the password to my phone via Whatsapp desktop or Signal desktop etc.

Problem : The most problematic thing is, when I copy&paste the password from Signal, it will automatically store on clipboard of Samsung keyboard (Even I change to use Gboard). It is still risky even I manually delete the clipboard every time, right?(e.g leave some cache here and get attacked)

Question : So, please give me suggestion about how to safely login my Secure folder while it will not be recorded by Clipboard.

*In my opinion, using password manager on phone is risky because if the phone was stole

you know that password managers automatically close after you leave the app right?

I know it will automatically close, I am currently using KeePass on my computer. However, what I am worried about is the government agent. I have done lots of work to encrypt my computer, thereby I am comfortable to use Keepass on Desktop, but the phone doesn’t. Therefore, storing all the password in my phone with password manager, will suffer from a “Bigger” risk to be attacked by those agent with military software.
On the other hand, I just want to login my Samsung Secure folder (S.F), it doesn’t necessary to download a KeePassXC just for storing the S.F password, it sounds stupid and make things more complex~

Umm… you do know that samsung isn’t good for privacy and they obay gov right?

well, all ways in my head are about copy stuff so only thing can works with you is type it everytime?

Hmm…hard to explain, at least in my country…the Samsung may not obey our government agent. And therefore I think Secure folder would be useful against spy tool used by popo

But sometimes the password is too long, manually typing is time-consuming. KeePass (Desktop) has some function against Clipboard viewer and history, thereby even you copy&paste the password, it will not leave record in the Clipboard. Does anyone know three is some password manager (Android) has this function?

So…can you give some suggestions to me, any apps can replace Secure folder? Not only storing photos, but also create another work profile/space, so that my mail/Twitter etc can be encrypted and separated from my personal account.
The main reason I am using Secure folder because I can have multiple account (e.g 2 Twitter account on the device, while they are separated and the more important one in Secure folder, would be protected by Knox)

Yes you can create a work profile. The app is Shelter

You can use Cryptomator to encrypt local or cloud drives from your android device

For password manager - go for Bitwarden where it can delete copied password from the clipboard

or StickyPassword - it can also delete copied password from the clipboard automatically ( just define the time duration)

If you don’t rely on samsung keyboard just switch to Simple keyboard. This app don’t connect to internet

I hope this answer your queries

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How can i use korean in simple keyboard?

Open simple keyboard > language > select your language

If you cannot found your language,
then go to language and input > language > add language > select ur language