VPNHub - Thoughts?

Just wanted to start a discussion thread for VPNHub:

Has anyone here used them? If so, what did you think?

VPN service by PornHUB. I wouldn’t really trust them not to log data.

No Linux platform supported? Really?

Too much tracker bloated for the Android app. https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/reports/94202/
Also, I´ve read the privacy terms rapidly and also made a Polisis analysis : https://frama.link/xGD4zzdx

And following the PrivacyTools VPN Provider Criteria :


Operating outside the five/nine/fourteen-eyes countries is not a guarantee of privacy necessarily, and there are other factors to consider. However, we believe that avoiding these countries is important if you wish to avoid mass government dragnet surveillance, especially from the United States. Read our page on global mass surveillance and avoiding the US and UK to learn more about why we feel this is important.

  1. International Users And Transfers of Your Personal Information to Other Countries
    Appatomic’s servers are based in the United States so your Personal Information will be processed by Appatomic in the United States

United States. Bad.


We require all our recommended VPN providers to provide OpenVPN configuration files to be used in any client. If a VPN provides their own custom client, we require a kill-switch to block network data leaks when disconnected.

None of this told in the main page or their FAQ page. Bad.


We prefer our recommended providers to collect as little data as possible. Not collecting personal information on registration, and accepting anonymous forms of payment are required.

Not able to buy a subscription with anonymous means.
And for talking about data collecting, The free plan offers a lot :

Personal Information automatically collected from users through Automatic Data Collection Technologies or Interactions

We and our third party service providers may automatically collect, use, store and transfer the following information about you or your device as follows:

  • When VPNHub app is launched, but before you connect to the VPN, we and our third party service providers collect device-specific information such as unique mobile ID, operating system and platform, browser type and version, network information and other technology on the devices you use to access the Website or the Services.
  • When you connect to the VPNhub VPN, we collect your internet protocol (IP) address, which we pseudonymize, immediately encrypt it and store it only for the duration of your VPN session. Your IP address is deleted after you disconnect from the VPN without storing or logging it. We do not associate your IP address with your online activities and we do not store or log your IP address with your online activities.
  • Usage Data includes non-personally identifiable aggregated information about how you use our Services and Website. We do not attribute any specific website visits or app usage to any specific user. We do not keep logs of your online activities and will never associate any domains, websites or applications that you use with you, your device or your email.
  • Transaction Data in case of purchases, it may include details about payments to and from you and details of products and services you have purchased or received from us.
  • Aggregated Data. We may also collect, use and share your data to produce and share aggregated data that do not identify you and therefore not considered as Personal Information. For example, we may aggregate your usage data to calculate the percentage of users accessing a specific Services feature, to generate statistics about our users or to calculate ad impressions clicked on.

They also don´t precise how they anonymise our data, and what do they considerate ¨non-personally identifiable aggregated information¨. Bad.


A VPN is pointless if it can’t even provide adequate security. We require all our recommended providers to abide by current security standards for their OpenVPN connections. Ideally, they would use more future-proof encryption schemes by default. We also require an independent third-party to audit the provider’s security. Ideally in a very comprehensive manner and on a repeated (yearly) basis.

Brag about encrypted connections and top-grade security, without actually giving the actual facts. Bad.


You wouldn’t trust your finances to someone with a fake identity, so why trust them with your internet data? We require our recommended providers to be public about their ownership or leadership. We also would like to see frequent transparency reports, especially in regard to how government requests are handled.

Pornhub. Bad.

Additional Functionality

While not strictly requirements, there are some factors we looked into when determining which providers to recommend. These include adblocking/tracker-blocking functionality, warrant canaries, multihop connections, excellent customer support, the number of allowed simultaneous connections, etc.

From actual random person i´ve frequented with : ¨Lol, it´s a vpn like pornhub, but they use the vpn instead of porn, you should get that¨.
Yeaaaah. Bad.

do you want a pornstar your money manages?

Never trust the sex industry your private data.

I wouldn’t trust them either. Also, it’s a matter of ethical convictions. It’s better to pay attention to some unpopular vpn services, recently I found fastest vpn services, currently giving it a try. And some people will use VPNHub just because of the big name. Not cool.