VPN that would works in China

hello. the “Recommended VPN Services” on PrivacyTools websites doesn’t work while using in China. Do you have any recommendation? Lot of people recommends “ExpressVPN”, what is your thought on it? Thanks in advance

I wonder if any of these resources help?

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Hi Nitrohorse. I’ve tried all three of those VPN services. I trust them b/c it was recommended in here but unfortunately, they don’t work well at all in China.:(. ProtonVPN was working for a while but as of Sept, they are no longer work. I also have mobile devices as well and Ivpn doesn’t really work well with iOS.

I’ve lived in China for the last couple of years. The problem with using VPN services in China is that the Great Firewall is being constantly tweaked to block them, and VPN companies have to constantly tweak their service to get over the wall. Different companies do this more successfully at different times. So while I could offer advice about what worked before I returned to Aotearoa last year, but chances are that advice is already out of date.

The best thing to do is ask around the expat community where you live, and see what they can tell you about what is working for them at the moment. If you have access to a server, you could consider self-hosting a VPN server for your own use, but there is a risk this will attract attention from the authorities, leading to targeted surveillance, or a late night visit from the local police.

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From what I have heard it works sometimes, but not all the time. It comes down to the government discovering the servers and banning them and whether or not it is a “sensitive moment” for the CPC.

I did also come across ExpressVPN Really Based in Hong Kong? some time ago, but I haven’t verified it personally. I would be choosing something far away from Chinese influence.

I would not be using any VPNs that have Chinese ownership if I were in China. There are a few:

They also do have some training technology in the GFW. They mention there in January 2016 ExpressVPN was using 1024-bit RSA keys, which was completely inappropriate, even at that time.

The go-to that seems to get recommended is v2ray or Tor’s bridges using obfs4. Public bridges tend to get blocked so you need a private one which means renting a server in another country.


Hmm, self-hosting a Streisand VPN or Outline VPN may be worth a try. I’ve also read a bit about Psiphon (privacy policy) (wiki); maybe their mobile apps could help.

In 2007 Psiphon, Inc. was established as an independent Ontario corporation that develops advanced censorship circumvention systems and technologies. Psiphon, Inc. and the Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto occasionally collaborate on research projects, through the Psi-Lab partnership.