VPN compertamatisation

What do you think about using 2 VPNs (not in the same time - this would be other topic) one after another?

Let’s say I pick up 10 webpages to which I want to log in.
I set separate Firefox profile for them.
Than I use VPN only when I want to access that 10 websites.

In this case even, if VPN ‘A’ knows my DNS or has logs, it does not know my identity, my browser fingerprint or my browsing habbits.

The issue I see here would be some backgroud program which connects periodically (e.g. mailbox, antivirus) to internet, so preferably the system should be clean, like separate Linux distro.

VPN B would be used on different browser with different websites.

What is your use case here? What do you want to achieve?

DNS logs + your usage time of the VPN service provider might already expose anything that is needed to learn about your browsing habits.

If you’re afraid of traffic logging, I think the only real solution would be to operate your own VPN server that you have full control over. The cost would be comparable to subscribing to two VPN providers at that point, but you would have to be your own system administrator.

Isn’t there another ISP in this scenario? You would encrypt your traffic to your VPN server, but this VPN server needs another ISP to connect to the internet. So, your traffic could be logged again.

I suppose so… But would the VPN server’s traffic get mixed with that of other servers, if it’s in a datacenter?

This is all very beyond me – merely installing an OpenVPN server makes my head hurt – so I’m talking out of my ass here.

But to get back to the question, I personally think paying for two VPN providers would have an immeasurable effect on protecting oneself from traffic logging. If you need anonymity, Tor would be the solution.

What I would like to achieve.
I would like to make one VPN knows me as one identity (let’s say a guy who likes football, archery, Mozart and 20 other things) and another VPN knows me as a guy who log on forums regarding privacy in the internet, electricity and browse webs regarding politicy).

This way (with of course other steps like avoiding browsing fingerprinting) this 2 identities would not be connected to one person.

I have no problem with this, that VPN/Google etc. knows what I browse, as long as this 2 identities would not be connected.

Or another case (not the one I want to use, it just an example): on one VPN and browser I would use my own identity (main e-mail, shopping) and other I would use for surfing the net.

In this case if second VPN would save logs despite of their promises or something like that, it would only know that there is a guy who like to surf specific pages, but could not know my real identity. On the other hand other VPN (or any party who would bought/stolen data from it) could know my identity, but would only know something about my shoppings, but nothing about my hobbies, political thoughts etc.

Tor is painfull, I cannot sign in to most of forums…