Video conference app

Hi there ! is there any video conference app without tracking please

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Hi and welcome to the forum. You may be interested in the VoIP section and other apps there labeled as VoIP.

From the desktop tools, I have had the least bad experience with Jitsi Meet on Chromium, but if phones are an option, I would go with Signal.

Anyone from: but for me i pickup jitsi because i love it :joy: and because i heard they are working on encryption at meantime

The results look a bit sad, most of them that I recognise are Electron (while irrelevant to the request), Tox was recently delisted, I guess Wire would equal to Signal except the new ownership (and thus delisting) and not caring about non-business users anymore, I have faint idea that Jami might be 1:1 video calling, but I am not entirely sure (did someone recently correct me on this and say that it does have group video, but not group text or something?). BigBlueButton I haven’t used in almost 5 years so I cannot comment it and OpenMeetings & VideoMeeting say nothing to me.

Yes, Jami has group calls, but no group messaging. Though from my experience, even 1-1 messaging experience is not so good if you use multiple devices. I’m also not so satisfied with 1-1 video calls either (lag, video/sound aren’t synced, etc…)

I also had some good and some not so good experience with Signal video calls quality, while with Wire, the only issue I had is that phone is not ringing :slight_smile: (android notifications issue)

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I tried Jitsi on Firefox the other day and it worked okay, there were connection problems but that was related to users’ bandwidth, still, I didn’t host the meeting.

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Which version of Firefox were you using? It’s supposedly a lot better starting from 75, but I haven’t had yet a chance to try it and due to using Debian I often have ESR which is currently at 68 whenever I don’t go digging

I think at that time it was 75, why don’t you install latest?

It just takes effort while ESR is provided by Debian. The HTTPS-only mode made me install the stable though.

Jitsi meet. You can host on your server as well it’s open source

I believe Telegram plans on adding group video chats

Jitsi Meet:
It seems that group video chats are not end-to-end encrypted so self-hosting is recommended.

With any web client, management of the public/private keys for end to end encryption is harder compared to stand alone client software.

I personally think that there’s something shady about Telegram and the reasons are:

– End to end encryption is not always on so it’s easy to send unencrypted messages by accident. Why don’t they provide foolproof encryption?
– The encryption protocol is home-grown and not audited. The developers make strange claims about its security.

Do you know why Tox was delisted? Is it considered too experimental?

Jitsi Meet:
It seems that group video chats are not end-to-end encrypted so self-hosting is recommended.

*By default.
Better to have one not by default, than none at all.