VeraCrypt Encryption Algorithm Speeds

For some reason, when I benchmark algorithms in VeraCrypt, Twofish is 166% faster than AES. In fact, Twofish, Serpent, and Camilla are ALL faster than AES. Serpent(Twofish) even comes close to as fast as AES by itself.

Don’t get me wrong. I like (for no solid reason) Twofish better than AES anyway, but my curiosity just won’t let me let it go though. :grin: I’m using old hardware (I think it came with Windows Vista, but I’ve been using Linux for so long I don’t quite remember). Pretty much everything I’ve read says AES is almost always faster, if not the fastest. Often even without hardware that speeds up it’s encryption/decryption. Is this my memory being faulty? Does some hardware come with optimizations for the other algorithms?

I’d very much like any input anyone can give me. My duck searches over the months/years, have resulted in nothing for me. Since I’m new and came here to learn, I figured I’d ask you guys. :slightly_smiling_face: