Veracrypt & encrypting your entire drive

Hi Community. I was researching and depending on your thread model I have read and seen videos where some people say its not a good idea to encrypt your whole drive with veracrypt because it will cause slow downs and some say the best way is to just create a volume and put everything you need on the volume.

If i have a laptop with 16gb ram and the driver is an SSD would that matter?

Bonus question:

Also is it possible to run tails in a hidden folder using a USB with veracript? [ I have a friend who’s writer and blogger ]

I use operating systems integrated solutions for full drive encryption (e.g. EncFS, Bitlocker…). I have external HDD, with 2 partitions, and one of the is encrypted with Veracrypt. I use that one for backup, and performance looks good to me.

I don’t see reason to use Veracrypt on internal drives, maybe only on WIndows, if you don’t trust MS (Bitlocker)

any brands that you recommend for the external HDD.I’m new to all of this. So the external HDD that you mention with the partitions. Do they have an OS or do you only use it to store information as a volume?

It’s a regular external HDD, with 2 partitions (NTFS or exFAT), one regular for non-important files, one Veracrypt encrypted for importat ones. No OS on it.

Again I would like to thank you for your help and insight on this. I might get an external HDD by the end of the week or wait for black Friday and buy a bulk order.

I do not see this as good option. I had some situation, where I had some problem with one corrupted file stored in veracrypt file (or truecrypt) - it caused the whole veracrypt file destroyed. One time I could not even open it, second time I could only restore some files.
I am affraid that is someone would happen in one place of encrypted system, it would affect all place and lost of all data.

I use small containers now - if there is a problem with one, I loose only part of data. Back-ups also helps of course.