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Why is plaintext better than HTML?

HTML emails are mainly used for marketing - that is, emails you probably don’t want to see in the first place. The few advantages they offer for end-users, such as links, inline images, and bold or italic text, aren’t worth the trade-off.

Privacy invasion and tracking

Virtually all HTML emails sent by marketers include identifiers in links and inline images which are designed to extract information about you and send it back to the sender. Examine the URLs closely - the strange numbers and letters are unique to you and used to identify you. This information is used to hack your brain, attempting to find advertisements which are more likely to influence your buying habits. HTML emails are good for marketers and bad for you.

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that does not mean HTML emails is bad for all!

This is a blanket statement like “JavaScript and Cookies are mainly used for tracking”. There are legitimate purposes for HTML e-mails.

The few advantages they offer for end-users

The main advantage of HTML e-mails is formatting. Links can also be included in text e-mails, however, you have to manually copy and open them in this case. This results in the same behavior like directly clicking an HTML formatted link …

If you consider the quoted statements, then the whole internet should be text-only. Probably suitable for a small amount of tech-savvy users, but likely not a solution for the vast majority of non-technical users who even don’t know the meaning of https:// in links.


This is a plain text newsletter and my mail client make the links clickable.

Then, your client likely injects HTML formatting. Besides, there is Webtrekk tracking in each of your links. So there is no benefit in removing HTML formatting and adding it again if the link stays the same.

My problem is that they take longer to load in Thunderbird and I find plaintext mostly more aesthetic than the blank boxes of content that would be loaded from remote sources.

I think multipart emails that contain both html and plaintext are the best as they leave the option for the receiver if they wish to see plaintext email, however in the hall of shame in my head, Cloudflare’s newsletters just show the raw HTML when viewing email as plaintext in Thunderbird and YLE’s Europe newsletter is just blank.

As a positive example, I like Discourse’s emails

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