Use multi browsers

Hey folks, long time i did not post (well not really, anyways :joy:)

I installed bunch of new browser in hope i change my habits and be more private (dont put all of eggs in one basket) so i installed Librewolf, GNU Icecat and started to add my tor browser in the bundle. and now i want ideas to use all of them as way to achieve privacy. Like tor browser for general stuff. but what about others like i use ungoogled-chromium for what or brave or icecat or libewolf? (and yeah no more firefox) so make ungoogled-chromium for my accounts? personal ones? and libreworlf or icecat for what? so yeah im so confused and i need your ideas so yup i want hear your thoughts in comments :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

PS: browsers i got are Brave, ungoogled chromium, gnu icecat, tor browser and librewolf

I recently installed a new browser too (ungoogled chromium) xD. I tested it out with Wireshark and there were no unsolicited connections being made - being an ungoogled , google product ; i wanted to make sure lols… its def good to check !

so I replaced my FF v59 with Ungoogled Chromium :D. I truthfully wasnt really liking v59 anyway that much hehehe

um… ya LibreWolf is one of my most used browsers - its a fav of mine :smiley:

Browsers Ive used in the last month (I have more that I dont use lols) are: LibreWolf !, Palemoon, Ungoogled Chrome, and ugh… I run the Tor service without the browser so meh.

One thing I find is I will use a browser with a lot of addons for everyday browsing (lols ya…) and another one for things like… creating a new video game account or whatever when I dont want to make a ton of whitelist rules with my addons just to make a video game account lol… If its a website I will go back to in the future then I will add exceptions to the addons (I even order pizza over Tor :smiley: I actually just order it online and walk into the store to pick it up hehe. I dont even give them my real phone number lols) You never really know whos working at those pizza places sometimes

But ya I normally have at least one browser with a lot of addons and then another one without soo many. When I have all these browsers I tend just to load up whatever one I feel like loading (LibreWolf vs Palemoon )…