US Government Wages War on Encryption

As the world finds itself preoccupied with COVID-19, the United States government is trying to pass a law to ban encryption.

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Although it may not stop it, and may not gain a lot of attention, I think it’s worth trying; I have an idea, which was used in the times of SOPA by Aaron Swartz.

Basically a form of virtual protest where you do a black out, you deny access to users who want to visit your website and you let some kind of post that reads why you are doing this.

At the time of PIPA a lot pf websites joined the protest, including Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, and I guess some minor names, I’m not saying this is going to achieve the same, but if PT does, you can count that ThinkPrivacy will do it to, and some subreddits, too, I imagine this will cause at least a blog post on alternativesto and some other sites, and will draw the attention for other people to join.

What do you all think?

Sorry to spam about this, but this has a time limit and I would like to create a discussion about things that can be done.