Uploading big file

Hi everyone,

I would like to anonymously upload big size file which exceeds 10GB using ssh software such as filezilla.

The choices I’m thinking are listed below

  1. Tor
    basically anonymous, but slow speed unless good circuit

  2. VPN
    high speed, but questionable about anonymity even if using audited provider

  3. VPHS with RDP or proxy
    I think this option is the almost as same as option2 though bit feeling reliable than VPN provider.

Could you please add another idea and correct my thoughts?
sorry for bad English.

Hi and welcome.

I guess you mean Discussion: OnionShare when you say “1. Tor”, and it would also be one of my options too. We also appear to list Discussion: Magic Wormhole and suggest Croc as worth mentioning.

I think Onionshare would easily be the most anonymous one, while I think the ISP(s) (or VPN provider(s)) included could see or figure out what you are transferring. It might also be the easiest as it would only require the recepient to install Discussion: Tor Browser which they may have already heard of and which attempts to be easy for everyone.

If anonymity wasn’t a requirement and the file could be shared publicly, I would also consider IPFS and Bittorrent.

hmm all i think about right now is encrypt your file & upload it to mega.nz or just use mullved VPN (yes it will be fine for privacy)