Unlimited Aliases? | Email

Aye, I use a lot of emails. For basically every account I make I create an alias, it helps me keep track and verify nobody is just able to look up my email and find everything I’ve done.

Old Providers:
Tutanota used to be great, a fast and easy signup process allowed me to create many emails.
But, they have been tightening down and adding wait lists and even IP blocking.

Then I started using 10minutemail.com but even they are slowly getting blocked.

I’m find paying, but would prefer crypto like Monero.
I’m also a FSM fan, so please show free’d webmail systems.

TL;DR Any email providers with unlimited or high amounts of Aliases?
Preferably inexpensive, as most providers let you buy packs but they can add up.

Free is also better, as I can just donate and not need to link payment to account.

I believe the only provider we recommend which supports unlimited aliases is Soverin.

@nitrohorse the point of aliases, in my view, is to verify that if one account gets leaked users
won’t suddenly be able to track alll accounts you use.

Internet service “Have I Been Pwned?” is a good example of showing how easy this is:

Soverin seems great, but seems to only use custom domains.
Custom domains are generally a bad thing except for professional emails.

I personally use Posteo for personal and bussiness emails.

Edit: To clarify, I’m not stating you can look up every account someone has by their email.
What I am saying is that you can find most by searching data breaches.

Other than that, Open Source Intelligence is powerful.
I’ll see if I can find an example page for that as well.

you can have a look at Topmail

You can create a valid email like Protonmail or any other as a spam mailbox and forward a lot of aliases to that mailbox with a service like Abine Blur

From that link:

Mail.Ru: Sign up, sign in, and webmail all work smoothly. BEWARE though - it is almost certainly under governmental surveillance, and likely does not respect privacy.

Awesome that Mail.Ru works with LibreJS. And they don’t share the data outside of Russia and other non-western governments.

For me this is a great solution.

Not recommended:

The guys who recommend this service are very much against privacy:

Design partner at Google Ventures
Beautifully designed marketing site for Soverin …

Founder of WeTransfer
Soverin is voor Email, wat Durex is voor sex. Lekker veilig! …

Design director at Adobe
Soverin - personal email hosting that respects your privacy…

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