Unfiltery: Play Youtube Subscription feed directly on desktop

I have created a GPLv3 licensed python software that uses python-mpv to stream youtube videos directly to your computer(mpv ultimately uses youtube-dl). It plays your subscribed channels in chronological order. Swipe on trackpad to move to next video, use arrow keys and space to navigate playback, press ‘q’ to quit and all default mpv shortcuts.

The repo can be found here. You can route traffic via tor to ensure ultimate privacy. Is there any feature the community would recommend for privacy?


can i control video quality

Not in current versions. I am focusing on efficiency for now. It defaults to play best audio+video possible generally 1080p video with lower quality audio(just like normal youtube) . Please get the latest version, it works a lot faster

i got a limited internet so thats why i was asking but overall it seems really good project :slight_smile: :clap:

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The mpv library does not provide any such controls, Data saver mode can be useful for many people… I would put it on my roadmap. Thankyou!

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Yes!! added support for this as well.

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I use a similar app which can be installed via flatpak. See Freetube

I knew about freetube but wanted a simpler experience so I created this. Both are different, users looking for a more youtube like experience may prefer freetube but those wanting something more minimalist which is configure and sitback may like this.

Great application btw , but it is different from this one… Unfiltery plays rss feed directly and allows manual filtering using regex. It’s simple and chronological and supports all platforms.It is targeted to minimalist users who are not looking for all features of freetube.

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