Uncommon TLD registrar?

Description: Are there any decent domain name registrars for uncommon TLDs not offered by services like Njalla.

Longer Description:
Similar to PTIO, I appreciate many uncommon TLDs like .io.
However, .io is not sold or listed on Njalla. Where do you recommend registering these?

you can search and compare TLD registrars on https://www.domcomp.com/

I’ve been registering domains on porkbun.com recently because I like their name, selection, and pricing. But from a privacy perspective there aren’t really other anonymity-focused registrars like Njalla.

@Jonah I like the name too. :smile:

They are much more competitive that Orange Websites for .io (~80 USD to ~28 USD).
What are your thoughts on them vs NameCheap?

I don’t like Namecheap anymore, they’re stuck on inferior technologies and their customer support has gone downhill. I started moving domains away from them in 2017, although there’s a couple left, mainly from Namecheap’s black friday deals.

II agree, but Njalla’s selection is quite low for uncommon TLDs.
Therefore, you need to use other providers as well for domains like .io.