uMatrix-like browser extension for cookies

Hey PrivacyTools!

I have been thinking about trying to develop a firefox extension that handles cookies kind of the same way as uMatrix handles requests, so I can accept/reject every single cookie separately instead of on doing it for doing it for an entire domain . The thing I miss the most in cookie manager extensions I have tried is the ability to “block” a single cookie on a specific site, so I can browse this site with the cookies I have accepted, and without the blocked ones ever being set again.

Because I can’t find an extension that does this I’m thinking that it maybe doesn’t make sense, or that there are some technical restrictions making this difficult to implement.

So my the things I hope you want to discuss is: Does an extension like this already exist? And do you think it even makes sense to have rules on a single-cookie level, or is it sufficient to have on a domain-level?


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Cookies autodelete do same but problem within cookie name itself so if you managed somehow make that addon connect to API of and get data to know which cookie tracking and which one is for logging and show them in your addon’s gui it will be good and easy for end user to block unwanted ones

While I like the idea, I don’t see why I would want to block certain cookies from a website if I know that probably most of them are used to track you. I have set on uM to block all cookies except on websites where I need to log in. Also, this would mean that you need to use another extension and for the average privacy user they already use like 5 or 6 extensions so this would mean another one that makes your fingerprint easier to identify.

I have been checking some add ons today and I think a good idea would be one that can delete trackers from URLs (such as, that can also help you with URLs that redirect you to other links (such as and that can also give you the option to redirect to specific websites when visiting a website (such as, for example if I visit Youtube, I want it to redirect me to Invidious.
I think this would be a good extension since you would only need 1 instead of 3 and all of them more or less do similar stuff, so if you are looking for ideas and you realize that the other one is not that good or whatever, I’m not saying it isn’t and you providing food thought.