Ugc and librewolf

Should Browsers like ugc and librewolf be avoided because of unique fingerprint and use popular browser like brave and firefox?

You could check your fingerprint in here and see for yourself

As far as I know, Chromium browsers often get misrecognized as Google Chrome.

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But That site don’t have enough data

Well I don’t know what ugc is and I don’t really have any opinions or feelings about browsers people use as I tend to do a lot of my own research (mainly with a packet sniffer), BUT…I just wanted to point out something just in case people don’t know about it:


With the exception of a few websites ; I tend to browse without JS and WebRTC enabled so… I personally am not concerned about fingerprinting regardless normally, but if i was then i’d just temporialy use the Tor browser or ungoogled chrome set to tunnel via Tor

But I think I look a bit odd online anyway in server logs as I do things like viewing videos on indious without JS enabled and instead use the adobe plugin xD and then they discontinued the adobe plugin lol… i dont trust tech corporations at alllll

off-topic: ungoogled chrome is my WebRTC enabled browser :slight_smile:

you know whats super creepy tho: back when it was common for websites to hotlink social media sharing buttons o.O … super creepy. Social media corporations are creepy :frowning:

The idea for fingerprinting is drowning your fingerprint in the crowd with the most most common OS/Browser/Addons combo.

Unmodified Chrome should be the most common but it is not privacy friendly.

Unmodified desktop Tor Browser seems to be the best for fingerprinting and privacy but mainstream websites hate it.

The next best bet for fingerprinting is probably Your Firefox and Chromium derivatives.

The more browser plugins/addons you add, the more unique it is, as well as the environment you are running on. Windows is best, Linux is most unique.

If at least we agree that the PTIO recommendations are the best/optimal way to move forward, everyone should use the recommended addons and not a single addon more.