Ubuntu again in the new OS section?

So I posted that on reddit but it doesn’t seem to appeare there, I’ll put it here again

So if you didn’t check the updated section, check it.
I get it, that the first part is for the user friendly OS and not for things like whonix and stuff, but Ubuntu?
I still remember where one of the admins said the ubuntu was probably never getting on that list again.
Should we really trust Canonical again?
What do you think about the other ubuntu flavours, like Xubuntu? or even Linux mint, which is very user friendly. They could be a better choice.

And if it will still stay on that list, I suggest making a guide how to harden ubuntu (or post a link on a guide which you guys find good).
There’s a guide from the GCHQ themselves explaining it :smiley: There’s a section about Privacy there, for example how do disable the Connectivity checker. Here’s the link:
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And here from reddit:

(1- sorry for my english & 2- I’m still a noob, so it’s discussion here and not that I want Ubuntu to be removed)

Ubuntu trips over a lot of things, but never was actually intentionally malicious. In the grand scheme of things, ubuntu is more than fine. They’ve made Linux accessible to the lower rungs of tech enthusiasts (which includes me). They help enable adoption of linux to the masses and is pretty much the base of a lot of distros out there.

They dont seem to be profit first in their philosophy. I think they put community first.


For what is worth, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Is Finally Dropping The Amazon Web App. I don’t think is quite necessary to provide a guide to harden Ubuntu, but then again Firefox has one and it can be useful. I understand that Ubuntu is meant for beginners and less tech-savvy so, if included, it should probably be labeled as an ‘advanced topic’ or something of that sort.

And on that topic, if the list is taking into account friendliness in order to provide alternatives to Windows and MacOS, I personally find ZorinOS to be much more user-friendly than Ubuntu. It obviously doesn’t have the same huge community around it, but it was designed specifically to provide an easier transition from Windows.

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This was also asked in Matrix today, I will try to quote the main points, but here is a permalink (that hopefully works, I am not entirely confident with Matrix).


[The Amazon thing] it is not present in 20.04

the main reason we’re mentioning fairly mainstream distributions is because of trust
there’s a tonne of smaller ones out there that have certain niches

there’s also a bit of a crossover between canonical employees and DD
and the only real privacy issue was the lens thing, from way back when they used unity

The quotes are all @dngray

I asked this today too and was asked if I would mind making a PR. I think they just didn’t think about it and don’t want to list the flavours separately while the recommendation applies to them too (as long as Ubuntu(/Fedora) considers them as official, but you would need to ask a team member about that.

We never say never, even for things that are de-listed. Companies change, projects also change direction. As @hauntsanctuary said, they never really did anything intentionally malicious.

The main points we discussed in regard to what was going to be added were some reputable distributions that were secure, (within reason), well supported, with good QA (quality assurance) etc.

The defaults for Ubuntu are pretty good. The advanced group contained options which are unique in some way. The page is not designed to be a one-stop list of every distribution that is out there.

They make it pretty obvious about the bit of telemetry they do have.