UBlock Origin gets delisted from the Microsoft Add-Ons Store - MSPoweruser

The extension developer Nick Rolls…

huh? Raymond is the developer of uBO afaik

Maybe it’s the fake Ublock that was removed? There’s one called uBlock that gets mistaken a lot for Ublock Origin.

Confusing, but looks like it’s the real one

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ah, that makes sense now.

Nick Rolls is in charge of Ublock Origin for Edge, Raymond Hill gave that responsibility to Nick, since he is busy enough with Ublock Origin for, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome.

No, it is a legitimate fork for Edge.

thanks for clearing that up - nice to know that Ray has some help - given some comments he made very early on i was always a bit concerned he’d drop the project

I’ll wonder if he’ll have incentive to keep it going if he’s consigned to only niche browsers after Chrome blocks it?

Looks like it was a bug on Microsoft’s side and it’s listed again.