Twitter is developing open source and decentralized protocol for social media

It seems like Twitter is attempting to evolve beyond proprietary way of being. This sounds too good to be true but I like the idea of it.

And it seems like Twitter may become a client for this protocol.

There are MANY challenges to make this work that Twitter would feel right becoming a client of this standard. Which is why the work must be done transparently in the open, not owned by any single private corporation, furthering the open & decentralized principles of the internet.


It looks interesting, but still, being open-source does not mean anything on itself. Facebook’s Libra is open-source and it’s a total piece of shit, this is project is decentralized in contrast to Libra, but still there is a plethora of ways in which it could be a privacy invasive product.
I think some of the Silicon Valley tech giants may be turning to open-source since they are realizing that it is the only way to make software more secure.

What’s the ulterior motive? That’s what I’d be asking. Big tech always has one. I’d do your best to find out what it is. It’s a step in the right direction though, I’d like to see what happens with it. Although, it sounds like something which is not a priority, they may just be using this as a threat to regulatory agencies.

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Guess that would mean they are no longer accountable.

This. Absolute skepticism is mandatory when discussion American-style corporate agit-prop.

Not being held accountable sounds like a convincing explanation.


To give an idea, SingularityNet is coming out with something “decentralized”, but I feel compelled to ask whether they mean in the Blockchain sense ( like bitcoin ), or more like

I doubt they’re working on anyhing Federated, which is what I really want. ( Twitter that is. )


Cross reference

Amongst the downsides of diaspora*:


Remembering StatusNet and

A highlight from 2010:

… search for those seconds-ago reports from Twitter as well as Buzz, Facebook, Friendfeed, MySpace, Jaiku and …

I don’t recall using the service after the switch to In the Wayback Machine:

Ragequit from Twitter in 2012:

f***** Twitter f***** broken threads not fit for f***** purpose f***** conversation stopper / I’m stepping away the way #hooray

My final favourite, a 2013 post by Dylan:

I’m trying out Diaspora and looking at Frendica and it hits me that cross-posting is not the entire solution to the fragmenting social web, cross-receiving is essential.

I don’t want to post to Twitter or Facebook or Google+ I want to post my thoughts to an open source, federated, platform, but, I do want to read what others post to all of the various other social networks. Preferably without having to have to login to all (or even have an account any) of them.

How to do that? There’s an exercise left to the reader. I’m still thinking it through. Obviously you could create mirror accounts on your chosen social network that scrape content from the other networks and feed them into yours, but how you could reply? Do they need to mutually cross-recieve you? How could you send a private message? Twitter and Facebook killing RSS makes things difficult too.