Trouble keep logged in on riot

hello! as soon as i close the (PTIO) riot tab and go back to riot, im logged out. i have tried disable every single addon i have and change the settings in firefox itself, but nothing works.

my settings in privacy & security:
content blocking > standard
cookies & site data > & are allowed

i have done some changed in about:config from PTIO, but i dont really know exactly which ones, but i have a hard time that could be the issue? is there anything i forgotten here?

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Since you have already tried the obvious stuff, let’s try something else. I’d say try doing a hard refresh or even a cache clearing and see if that resolves it.

But without knowing everything that may have been changed I’d say maybe trying a new Firefox profile if the above does not help.

However what you are describing is normally cause by the settings you mentioned and extensions. So not sure why it’s not working for you.

Just to confirm though, you are loaded into and you close this tab, then later you go back to and you are logged out correct?


i didnt even think about switch to another profile. i did make a new profile, and i didnt work until i allowed under manage data. so there is something weird going on. im gonna try make a fresh install later and see how it goes and what that could cause it. thanks for the help!

and yea, thats exactly what i mean!

edit: LOL now im even more confused, i went back to my original profile and suddenly its just working…

That’s odd, but good I guess.

It was probably something to do with cache then.

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