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Hey together,

I couldn’t find much information about helping with translation yet.
There is already this post in regard to the topic, I would still like to open that Thread because it doesn’t fell completely right to ask in the other thread.

The question is, how is the process of translating, it seems that the existing translations projects are almost independent of the original
With other domains, running on other infrastructure and probably managed from other people.
So if someone would like to translate, is he responsible for operating everything and creating kind of a fork?

Is there now way at the moment to translate the website and make it available on and update if necessary so that it is not necessary to create such a fork?

And if there is no other way then creating a fork and operating everything (Support, Website, Domain etc.), what are the wishes from your site (the people who are running in regard to the translation/fork project?
So not to big changes in regard to the theme as an example, or a text who mentions that it is a translation project which is based on the original
Something like that.

Could someone say something in regard to that, so that I can understand that better and everyone who is interested in translating.

Thanks Gordon! :slight_smile:


There are several issues about adding translation support to the website

and I would wait until that is done (while I am not aware if it has been worked on recently), because otherwise you will have to make a fork and it will be a pain to keep it up-to-date.

Thank you for your interest towards translating and welcome to the forum regardless.

Hey Mikaela,

good point, on GitHub I wasn’t searching. :wink:


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Nice to know that.
I´ve forked the current Github page to try to translate it from scratch, instead of trying to update the current French old translation page (Which is incredibly outdated :
But due to being a one person work, and due to the time needed to translate all of it, it will surely be already outdated, the time until it get completed. Having a translation system will allow volunteers to translate the project far more easily, while still being up to date with the current website changes.


Is such system being developed or this will be done far in the future?

Hey a553d43c-f7fa-483a-8,

it seems that they trying to integrate Weblate or Transifex as Translation Frontends so that people can translate the Text and the Website is dynamically updated.
See also this GitHub Issues.

When this will be launched I cannot say.

I would say Weblate would be nicer since it’s FLOSS and Transifex is closed source, but still, I don’t know how they work. The ideal case in my opinion, would be something that when you choose another language would change the domain to its respective variant, that is to say “” for Spanish, “” for German, and so on. This is how PRISM Break works, and I think it makes the web site look much more professional and secure than having random people host their own “instances” with names like dreads unlock.

By the way, did you used to have the Kopimi logo and removed it or the person who hosted the French translation added it? It would be neat to have it.

Yeah, I think so as well, my experience in another Project was also very good with Weblate, I think Transifex is not so nice.
From the Issue in GitHub it also seems that they decided to use Weblate.

Yes, exactly. This is how it will become (as far as I understood). That not any language needs to be a fork. Instead it can run on the same Infrastructure and Namespace.

Do you mean me? I’m not hosting the French site and cannot help you with that. :slight_smile:

Cool, I hope that’s how thing will be done.

No, I was using a general You.

By the way, to which language do you want to translate?

Aso, okay! :slight_smile:

For us (me and my Girlfriend) it would be Korean, I cannot speak it, but my Girlfriend.
But it’s not clear yet, it would be a huge Project.

Wow, really cool, I’m sure Asian languages will be some of the hardest to get people to help,so thanks for the contribution!

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I believe this is something we’ve been wanting to do for some time.

I know I certainly would be keen to see translations of our work, so that we can be i18n friendly!

There are however some pages that are scheduled for a refresh/upgrade so they should be done last.

Looking at my own assigned tasks that would be, #1328, #1437, #1707.


Cool, well, let us know here when that can be worked, I guess I’m going to need to install weblate or something to do the job, just tell what we need to start working.

Hey together,

what I would be interested in is the following.
Which way of translation does the Team actually prefer?
A fully fork, or the usage of a Weblate if it is available in the future?

The advantage of a Fork would be maybe, that the Project is more distributed which brings better latency (if the Korean version is running on Servers in Korea as an example) and makes it maybe more difficult to censor.

The disadvantages would be obviously the pain of keep it up to date.

What does the Team think about that?

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