Tranquillity | Hosting

Basic Information

Name: Tranquillity
Category: Hosting Provider
TOR/Onion Address : 3cxmx5xalprbwmuu.onion
Git : git.frykholm [dot] com/tranquillity.git


Tranquillity is an green-power hosting provider (GodEl) focusing mainly in Sweden.

They are also the only hosting provider I have seen with an easy-to-read TOS (K.I.S.S):
tranquillity [dot] se/tos.html

Note: I am not currently a customer of Tranquillity and cannot answer questions on how their service operates other than what is publicly available.

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It appears in this list of “privacy friendly” web hosting providers which is where I first heard of this, however their site still doesn’t provide much information or the ability to place an order?

I’ve sent an email to the address provided, hopefully I’ll get a response and I’ll update this post to know more about it.