Toxic User Mentality?

That’s very interesting because I find any privacy/FOSS community’s great.

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Most of the time, I do, but I guess it all depends. They can be like neighborhoods that way. For example, in some neighborhoods, if you don’t fit in with the dominant group (whether because of wealth disparity or ethnicity), you’ll be shunned. Other times, those sorts of things don’t matter, and people will eventually accept you as part of the community.

In this forum, at least, I haven’t found that to be a problem, but maybe certain other users did. I was telling the user in question that I really enjoyed it here, and hoped that I wouldn’t run into such petty disputes.

“Apathacan” - what a great word! I think I’ll start using that from now on. I’ve definitely heard the “I am not worried about what others see for I’ve nothing to hide” argument many times, and I think it’s complete bullshit.

I assume that people who say that haven’t been through the nightmare of not only having their information exposed, but having it misused in a malicious way - so I’m here to tell you that I have experienced that, and it’s not fun. Luckily, I started to become a part of the privacy community shortly before then, so I knew people like you folks who could help out.

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@ virticalizes
I think we’ll find all kinds of people - good, bad or otherwise. It’s in our nature not to be identical.

I like the block feature on but prefer since it’s easier focus on specific Privacy Tool topics.

Glad you like “apathacan”. I first used it a long time ago and looked it up in many places but couldn’t find it, so generated the dictionar-ized version of explaining it.

I also very much like the GUI when typing posts/replies. I wonder how it works on a stalker-phone (AKA smart phone). I have not been assimilated into using one, never will. Does the screen look similar on a clever phone? (no such thing as a ‘smart phone’ - clever maybe.)

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Part of the problem: anti-this, anti-that mentality, when the anti is so inflexible that the person can not be reasonable.

Like, when an organisation is misportrayed as entirely bad.

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Here everything is quieter, in terms of people being less rude, not creating discriminatory comments or and trying to be more supportive. Reddit on the other hand… since the userbase it’s larger, people tend to feel more comfortable with that sense of “anonymity”, here even if we don’t know each other, if you start being an horrible person, we will remember the username.

If anyone ask me about privacy, I always nice to them, even if they know much less.
Also, even than they may inform me about some gap, which I did not consider.

However, if for instance, somebody, after all scandals with Facebook
(which are now known to all who read newspapers, not only geeks) post my picture from the party
5 minutes after taking it using Facebook app. without even asking, than I get angry couse of his/her ignorance.

I disagree that privacy of other users is not my business.
Let’s leave FB for a while. If e.g. all people are using credit cards not carring about privacy, than the cities have no
problems with implementing credit card solutions in the buses and get rid of cash solution, which is bad for MY privacy.

Absolutely agree with this statement. In my short time here on PrivacyTools I have had one user tell me that my threat model is wrong because it doesn’t conform to their view of a threat model.

I have seen people make absolutist statements regarding privacy issues, I have seen people talk down to people asking a question, almost patronizingly.

However for the most part people here are extremely kind and helpful.

Having extended knowledge/experience on a subject over others who are new to the space tends to inflate the ego and provide one a superiority complex. Also, a persons biases come into play where their way is the best way, and you should know that. Hahah.

My advice, get as much info from as many sources as possible. Research the answers/advice provided in your own time and come to your own conclusion as to how you want to implement any security/privacy measures in your life.

TBH I think that what InfoSec tried to say was that the statement “privacy” on itself isn’t a threat model, but then you do answer with a more in depth analysis of a TM. But again, looking to be more private isn’t. Private against who? In what way? To what degree?
This marks the difference between me and Snowden, both of us are looking for a more private life, but his attackers have loadsa more resources and capabilities than mines.

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I read that conversation and I’ll have to handle it to InfoSec here. It was only after that particular reply that @1337n0m4d came up with a proper definition of threat model (which was everything and everyone).

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I mean it’s not just the privacy community either, arguably the machine learning community is even worse.

Which is mind boggling, when you want to make privacy-focus and machine learning work seamlessly together.

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